Monday, February 11, 2008

'Entourage' on HBO!

Although season three carried more disappointments than Bush's entire run in office, I still liked the overall theme. While Vince and E! strive to make Meddellin and find the funding, Turtle is on the brink of Rusell Simmons like proportions with his new venture into the management career. Near the end mark with Vince faced with the challenge of screwing someone's wife for Meddellin's sake and Turtle sorely missing out on signing Saigon, the series began to push away from what we see in the first and second season. With Billy Walsh reintroduced hastily but well, Entourage smoothly made the transition into the fourth season.

HBO on-demand is a fickle like program for sure. They've set up a two week rotation of Entourage episodes for, I'm assuming, fans to catch up and seduce many more. There isn't anything better then seven free episodes that're only a click away. On the seventeenth of February, we'll see the later half of the third season, which, you have to admit, upped the anti of Entourage.


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