Friday, September 26, 2008

Entourage Mailbag - #5

The fifth edition of the Mailbag! Since Reader Brandan is in dire need of his questions being answered, I shall service him by doing so:

Q: Hey! I was wondering, what's happening with the show? Is Edward Norton making an appearance?

A: It hasn't been officially confirmed, but I'd bet it's more of a name drop than anything. Norton is far too busy with his career at the moment.

Q: With the lack of Billy Walsh this season, do you believe that Doug Ellin is trying to replace him with the writers and the eventual return of Dom?

A: Do I think they've replaced Walsh with the writers? Maybe. It's too early to tell. This week's episode is solely focused around selling their screenplay in a land where no one is on board with a Vincent Chase funded film. And with this new Edward Norton spin, it's bound to cause a creative clash (as seen in the preview).

With Dom returning, that's also bound to cause a clash within the circle (Turtle, Drama, Ari, Vince, Eric). If there was anything Walsh was good at, it was causing a rift between all four.

Q: One last question, wouldn't it be much easier for Vince to make up with Alan and make another Aquaman film?

A: Easier? Not by a mile. Alan had a contract with Vince. And Vince backed out of that contract. This is easily another example of being a star: owning up to your commitment. Yes, Vince did own up in the end, but Alan had been toyed with enough. Vince should have accepted the fact that he wasn't going to make Medellin.


Remember to send in your questions for next week!


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