Thursday, July 9, 2009

More Reviews

A list of the newer reviews:

Kansas City: "...Vince and the boys are welcome in my living room again."

Variety: "...Despite being renowned for fast-lane glitz, "Entourage's" new season gets off to a rather plodding start."

TV Squad: "...Feeling fresh again in a way that it hasn't since its debut season, Entourage is poised to shed all the story lines that have not necessarily plagued the show over the years, but have certainly been recycled to the point of absurdity."

Detroit News: "...Well, the sixth-season opener, which premieres Sunday night, answers that question wonderfully. Not only is there more to explore but it's actually a treat finding out how much some of the characters have evolved."

Chicago Sun Times: "...If you can swallow that one -- and I chose to shrug and believe -- then you'll have plenty of fun with the boys."

Observer: "...and luckily for us, we still have Entourage to brighten our Sunday nights. The boys are, indeed, back."

New York Daily News: "...Still, it should reassure viewers that "Entourage" isn't abandoning its core mission of finding humor in the shallow waters of big-time showbiz."


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