Friday, June 18, 2010

Info Dump -- The Movie, The Seventh Season, The Premiere

Info dump? Can it be? Is this blog active? Do you scream down these cobwebbed halls? I'll stop screwing around and get on with it (a phrase my sex life has heard far too many times).

  • Remember the movie? Mark Wahlberg's one quote plastered everywhere? Well, Doug Ellin really hasn't thought about it, but he is sure that Turtle will not be shot. Thank. God. We were all worried.
  • Doug, if you're out there somewhere and you somehow read this, I agree that I think you have twenty more seasons, but let's end it with eight and then make a film for the fans. Ci?
  • More talk about the seventh season. Specifically Vince's storyline (I'm still not on board with a relationship for Vince, but hey, it could work) and Ari Gold's potential fling with Lizzie Grant. Ari cheating on Mrs. Ari? Goddamn, let's hope not. I'd hate to see her reaction.
  • P. Diddy. Entourage. There's no picture, so settle for the info.


Anonymous Brandan said...

If it was mandy Moore I would more interested in Vince settling down.

June 18, 2010 at 5:57 AM  

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