Sunday, February 17, 2008

Poll Results - 2/17 - Unanimous decision.

We round out our very first poll on the blog with an even sixty-four votes, which is absolutely spectacular. Excellent job to everyone who voted. The selection wasn’t easy, but we clearly had a unanimous winner that took the cake. Personally, I’m with the overall consensus. Although Billy adds comedic timing and a certain sense of direction to the show, he doesn’t need to be there after they’ve wrapped up what will happen to Medellin and Clouds.

After that, I’m sure Doug Ellin will find something even more enticing for Vinnie, E and the gang. What’s more interesting and deserving of a mention is that the most voted, “Boot his ass to the curb. Aquaman III, here we come!, is of course the bolded. I’m not sure what share voted for Aquaman III or booting his ass to the curb, but I’d bet some rooted for that flippity floppity fish-man.

Do we really want to see Jake Gyllenhaal back out of the third installment, thus forcing Alan to travel back to Vince, saying that even though Vince’s “cocaine” film blew, he needs an Aquaman and Vince needs a hit and then ask him back for the third film? Or should we have Ari backstab Vince and E, selling Medellin to Alan Horn behind their back, having Alan own Vince’s ass once more? It’d be repetitive of “I Wanna Be Sedated”, an episode I absolutely love.

Although many think Entourage is a “shallow, heartless show”, it makes you think, would this really happen? Of course, it’s Hollywood.

Now go hug it out, bitch.


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