Thursday, March 20, 2008

Weiss Given One More Chance

Rob Weiss may now be able to afford a larger Jacuzzi now - Variety is reporting that Weiss has signed a seven-figure deal with HBO to develop other television ventures as well as other opportunities for the network. Now this is definitely a step up for the man who somewhat contributed to the persona and incredibly insane character we know as Billy Walsh.

Unfortunately, not that much is known about Weiss other then his famous Goodfella’s rip-off: Amongst Friends - that transformed Weiss into becoming an egotistical balloon. Soon after ballooning, Weiss then managed to severely fuck his career over by pissing off the wrong people at the wrong time. After accepting his failure, Doug Ellin hired Weiss to come aboard and write for Entourage, minus the attitude.

This could be good for Weiss - the man has written some truly wonderful episodes of Entourage.

Discuss: Does Weiss deserve this chance from HBO?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Michael said...

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