Monday, March 10, 2008

Opinion: E! Exclusive!

Having the urge to write about the newest arrival of information was tempting, so I finally mustered up my opinion on the E Online! exclusive:

Dom’s Return: My first reaction to hearing of Doug’s plan to bring back Dom is a negative one. I’m all for a new and fresh story, and something we’ve never seen on Entourage, but bringing back a well hated character is the best way to accomplish this goal? Maybe Entourage has never been about shocking twists, but it has always been about loyalty. I don’t see how Vince could welcome him back after making him lose out on making Medellin with a better, more capable director.

I know, it’s Haggis, and he isn’t well liked because he saturates his audience with sappy dialogue, but I have no doubt that in Entourage’s world, the he should have directed Medellin and it would have been spectacular. I’m struggling to keep on topic here, because honestly, I’ll embrace Dom’s return as long as Doug and the writing team make a reasonable excuse for him being on the show, not just him being a good friend of the creator.

Give Me More: More episodes then a minimal twelve? I’m all for it. I have a feeling Ellin added the comment about HBO wanting more because of Dom, and how he may have a larger role in the overall scenario. Frankly, I can’t see him being involved. This season should be about business and selling Medellin and finding out what‘s up with Siloh, not the return of an old friend who destroyed Medellin.

Damnit, Strike:
I hated the strike as much as everyone else, but I supported each and every writer who gave up critical work to stand up for what they believed in. They didn’t make the best deal, but they settled, and Hollywood is now slowly churning back to life in a grand fashion. However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t want to see Entourage’s take on the strike.

Who wouldn’t kill to hear what Drama has to say about past strikes?

I’m Not Your Fucking Publicist: Debi Mazar is a highlight for watching Entourage. She can become a bit annoying, but overall she’s another worthy addition to the strong cast of Entourage. Did Vince dump her? Probably not, but I’m sure she has many other clients besides Aquaman. I mean, come on, if she managed to snag Vince, why couldn’t she grab another famous star?

Year Eight:
Fuck. Yes. Entourage running until an eight season? Man, that’s a highlight of this year. For me, at least. Entourage clearly has longevity as a show, and since it’s chronicling the life of someone in Hollywood, there’s no non-fiction end.


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