Friday, February 22, 2008

Maybe? Maybe not?

Should Amanda make a return? Maybe, because this is the latest rumor that has made it back to me. Now of course this is only a rumor, but Amanda did leave the show on rocky terrain and returning to take over Terrence's agency (heading up Ari's former position of power) would be quite an interesting angle. And wouldn't that be threatening to Ari? She was the only agent to successfully hold Vince as a client, and make him not regret leaving Ari.

The only reason Amanda left the show, other than Carla's real life situation with her acting career, was because of Vince's terrible decision to fire her. Yes, they completely screwed the character with her romance with Vince, but if she were to return, I doubt the romance would occur once more.

We'll see. At this point, consider Amanda returning a rumor.


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