Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Doug Ellin Talks

570 News had the chance to speak with our favorite person: Doug Ellin. The big question this season is whether or not we'll be seeing Vince's dream film, Medellin, sell to a studio with the intention of recutting the film. "It's the question of the entire season", said Ellin, who continued to talk about the famous group.

From this article, we basically learn a whole lot more about Ellin's approach. Turtle finding work? Ari being explored further than simply his undying devotion to his super client Vince and bitter approach to his independent work? All the while, Doug Ellin is thinking ahead. He firmly believes that we'll be seeing at least two more seasons of the show, and even though the creative process may take some time, he assures us that we'll be happy with the results.

You can read the entire article, including a comment or two about Paris Hilton not dating Adrian Grenier, at the link above.


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