Sunday, September 28, 2008

5.04 - Fire Sale - Review

What Happened This Week? The best episode of Entourage this season. Ari and Vince went on an all out pitching spree to sell Smokejumpers. When it finally looked like Vince had a supporting role and a film guaranteed to be made, Alan Grey swoops in for the kill.

The Funniest Line? Simply too many to list. A personal favorite? The prisoners chanting "Victory!" as Tarvel (uh, sorry, I mean Drama) was escorted out of his prison cell.

What Made The Episode?
The irreplaceable feeling that the show is finally hitting a stride and that it's moving. Drama crying and Benji entering the picture didn't hurt, either.

Gripes? Where's Turtle? He's there, but when will he shine this season? Soon, hopefully.

Greatest Cameo Ever? Tom Rothman. "We can't fund this film at the moment." With the year they've been having, it doesn't come as a surprise. And who else loved that Head On was made my Fox? A thriller with Jessica Alba… does it make any more sense?

Overall Opinion? It's the best episode of Entourage this season. Vince is finally learning that he has to be Mickey Rourke before he can be Al Pacino. Drama moping around The View was a nice little touch.

Next Week? Alan Grey is back… and slimier than ever. Eric Roberts is making a cameo, and Vince has to decide -- do I make a G-rated film? Or do I hold out yet again?


Anonymous aria said...

wow. that's all i could say about this episode. They just totally took a hit at their fans out of nowhere... honestly.. i wasn't even expecting a great episode... i mean i knew this was gonna be the episode where drama goes on the view so i had an idea that this was just going to be one of those funny laugh out loud episodes... not one that can completely change and truly kick off the new season.... brilliant episode!.. better than great...possibly the best episode of the season... and if they can top this off next week... i'd be really impressed.. but truthfully... i'm not expecting another intense episode like the one last night for another 4 or 5 weeks

September 29, 2008 at 8:03 PM  

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