Thursday, September 4, 2008

The forum!

When I originally created the site, it was only meant to be a hub of information. I had searched and searched for a blog that regularly updated with constant information on Entourage, but I never found one. The one or two that I did eventually find hadn't been updated since the previous year.

Suffice to say, I was a little angry and sad. That’s partly why I created the blog. To help those learn about the show -- through information and opinion. It’s been a success so far. With the mailbag, the site now nearing forty-thousand views, I’m happy.

Even still, I realized that I couldn’t read a truthful opinion through the measly comments section. I had to create a forum. It’s the same situation, really. I wouldn’t have made a forum had the internet, or Entourage community, not be in dire need of one. I’m tired of visiting IMDb and being trashed.

I created this forum. It’s what I saw an eventual outcome. A forum, a site, a fan base. The circle is almost complete.

The forum is still in the earliest stages of development. It’s still a forum, not a community.

Now why are you wasting your time reading this?

Head on over to the forum, sign up, become a member and start posting!

Click here to visit the forum.


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