Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Regis and Kelly -- Jeremy Piven's Appearance!

I have to admit, I've never seen more than thirty minutes of Regis and Kelly. I'm immune to a show like it.

Today, however, was a much different day. I owed my audience a full fledged report on Jeremy Piven talking about the fifth season. Couldn't leave anyone hanging.

Piven is always fantastic to watch. He's charming, funny and smiling while he speaks. His work on Entourage is known everywhere -- the fast talking agent with a knack for the business. Piven is an extremely guarded person. He doesn't talk about his romantic life, and even on another television show, he isn't afraid to approach Regis, who originally asked Piven about it, with a follow-up question: "What kind of question is that?"

Talk soon switched over to Entourage. And surprisingly, whether or not Piven could ever become sick of playing his character. "I don't ever get sick of it. He's a mix of every agent you've ever met. I think I can play him for a while."

Delving further into the show, Piven explained that this season, he'll be meaner than ever to his assistant Lloyd. "There's actually an episode where Vince and I, we take shrooms, and I have to talk to Lloyd so he'll get me through the experience. It's really great. Rex is fantastic."

Before the clip was introduced, Piven explained where we'll pick everyone up this season: "Vince has taken some time off and flown the coop to a Mexican hide out, and it’s up to me to go get him and pull him from the abyss."

The clip then played.

Piven is once again the electrified agent as he charges toward his office.

"Give me something good, Lloyd!”

"First draft of letter to one Richard E. Roeper, reviewing him personally -- his clothes, his hair, his nasally mid-western twang", Lloyd shakily responds, until Ari snatches the paper and tears it up. He shouts for attention at his agency.

"Listen up! No one mention Richard Roeper again! Not today, not ever! By doing so, you are simply announcing that on Sunday nights, instead reading scripts, you are watching television! The next person to mention Richard Roeper will be fired!"

And with that, Jeremy Piven's presence on Regis and Kelly was over.

Kevin Connolly will be on Regis and Kelly tomorrow! Make sure to tune in tomorrow at 9AM! In case you won't be able to see his appearance, I'll have a report here, ready for you to read.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have my Tivo set for Kevin Connolly, but its comforting to know you've got my back should something go wrong :D

September 3, 2008 at 3:28 AM  

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