Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Praise And Slander: The Unfortunate Conclusion -- Season Four DVD Reviews

Although I've already ordered my copy, it was delayed and ultimately is said to be postponed until the twenty-ninth (when they'll finally deliver my copy, in which case I'll have my review up). Definitely an unfortunate case, but I can't let my audience go without a few reviews to much on. Shall we start?

Out of the gate first, Adam Quigely:


Entourage is a show I love without ever really feeling any deep connection to. Like Hollywood itself, it’s enjoyable to look at and admire but eventually you realize it’s all artificial glitz and glamour and not much actual depth. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, because with characters like the hilarious asshole agent Ari Gold (played by Jeremy Piven), sometimes you just want to kick back, relax, and not have to think too much. Season 4 of the show offers 12 episodes.


I can't attack the man for not having a connection to the show, but it's rather foolish to proclaim that the series doesn't have much depth. You can look no further than Sorry, Ari or Exodus for the realistic depth the show effortlessly provides.


The next review was a clumped together mess, but I managed to pull forth from the wreckage this gleaming jewel:

"I'm usually not a fan of cable television, but I find this series to be enjoyable and far better than anything on today."


Good to know. I'd heartily agree.


This final review is by far the harshest of the bunch. It doesn't cut the show much slack and manages to include that the comedic aspect is childish and outlandish at times:

"Finally two major story lines suck the show down late in the season - Anna Faris and the twins. The Anna Faris storyline was an interesting concept worth exploring. Unfortunately, it was poorly executed and presented new one-off characters that failed to deliver strong comedy or believable performances. The twins storyline was an entire episode about two identical twin agents working for Ari and not getting along. The twins are portrayed by real life twins Jason and Randy Sklar. They are never funny and the story feels like obvious filler just to get through another episode."


Anna Faris was an unfortunate conclusion, sure, but does the twin storyline really bog down the season? I found it a nice return to form since the second season, while Ari simultaneously handled Vince and his other clientele.


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