Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lloyd: Half Man, Half Ari Gold's Savior.

When Entourage started, an assistant was never an essential character in the series. The first season came and went. During the first season, it was Emily. Look, it's Emily! She was an okay character, and I think I had to respect the fact that they managed to stir up a mini sub-plot with Eric having to go back and beg her for Cameron to consider Vince. But then she went too, and never returned.

Lloyd, however, has stuck. He rolled around in the first episode of the second season: The Boys Are Back In Town. He wasn't so much of an afterthought as the credits on the episode came up. But countless episode after episode, with Ari taunting Lloyd about his heritage and fashion style... I started to develop a likeness for this character. I'm still up in the air of how important he'll be in season five, if at all, but I can count on Rex Lee (the brilliant actor portraying Lloyd) to fulfill his one mission: serve Ari Gold, co-founder of the Miller-Gold Agency.

In this interview
(upper right hand corner), Lee manages to talk about Entourage and address the issues that some may have had with the fourth season. Personally, I loved the season and it finally delved into the clusterfuck that Medellin was bound to be.

It's a video interview. It may buffer for a second or two.


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