Sunday, November 9, 2008

5.10 - Seth Green Day - Review

What Happened This Week? Eric wrestled with Seth Green over remaining feelings for Sloan; Production continued on Smokejumpers, providing a startling revelation for Vince.

The Funniest Lines? Plural. "We can do it the old fashioned way and piss in his O.J." "I have skill. Something of which, you, my friend, do not have."

The Funniest Cameo? At this point, I'm willing to call Bow Wow a cameo. His sucker punch was disastrous and oddly hilarious. Although I hate to see pain inflicted, it did feel nice to see Eric vindicated.

What Made This Episode? Ari and Barbara battling over control. Ari's disgust or rather disliking of Barbara continues, but it's nothing new. Ari is feeling the hate side of his relationship and soon enough, there won't be a relationship he can salvage. He was willing to split his entire agency up over a friend.

Most of all, I'm loving each revelation about Vince. He coasted through Medellin, but he won't fly through this film. Verner is actually challenging him.

Gripes? Why do I seem to dislike every returning character this season? Seth Green took up time that could have been spent elsewhere. His lines simply weren't funny (was I only the one who was embarrassed to watch the first phone call between Seth and Eric?).

The Best or the Worst? Must I choose? It's… in the middle. It certainly has a rewatch-ability factor that I've always loved about this show.

Prediction: Andrew Klein is being groomed to take over Barbara's half of the agency. As Ari said last week -- "He's supposed to be where I am now." Giving him Barabra's position opens Andrew to all of Hollywood.

Overall Opinion? I can't see where this season is headed. Each episode is as shocking as the one before.

Next Week: Vince clashes with the director; Turtle and Jamie hook up.


Anonymous entfan said...

After watching tonight's Entourage, I felt blue. All of our main characters : Vince (Adrian Grenier), Eric Murphy (Kevin Connolly) and Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) are at crossroads in their career. Said crossroads represent more than just a paycheck however.

Vincent is finding out that he may not be the actor he thought he was in prior seasons. Now that he is in a serious movie, he finds that his screens and lines are being taken away bit by bit by a director who is looking to make a great film. In the last episode, we thought he was crazy. Now we are finding out that that is just not the case. So, Vince continues the trend that has taken him through this season- one of self-doubt and, ultimately, growth. Will this be a really tough road for him? Absolutely. But, in the end, he should end up a much more talented actor and a better man.

Ari Gold is fighting for a friend and for his place in the world. Funny that I wrote a piece last week about how the women of Entourage are truly in charge. Ari himself said this more than once on the show tonight. Did he try and take back some of this power from Barbara (in a scene that I know the college boys will find funny, but did not hold the same punch for me as the same bit Ari pulled on Josh Weinstein a few weeks ago)? Yes. But, Barbara still had to agree to let Andrew Klein in, even if it was at Ari's risk.

What of Eric Murphy? Tonight found him chasing Seth Green around in what turned out to be a fool's game. Seth never intended to be in Charlie's (Bow Wow) pilot. Truly, it seemed the only thing Seth wanted was another shot at Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui). Interestingly, it looks like he might have miscalculated, because, by playing his game, he may have brought Eric and Sloan one step closer to getting back together.

In regards to Eric and Sloan : it always bothered me that Sloan was so bothered by how Eric was always running off to do something for Vince. After all, Vince is his job. Tonight, she made two jabs that lead me to believe that her character is not able to take Eric's job seriously. The first was when she said that her boyfriend worked. As if to say Eric did not work. The other was when Eric was leaving and mentioned that he was up at Big Bear where Vince was filming a movie. Sloan made a comment like "of course", as if to say that "of course" Eric would be with Vince. Well, he is his personal manager ,isn't he? Where else would he be? During there relationship, Eric never ran off for a night out on the town with the guys or to hang at the pool. There was always business that took him away. Although there seemed to be potential for Eric and Sloan to get back together tonight, it also seemed that she still doesn't get his job. And, if she truly loved him, why would a 9 month absence (6 months in Columbia and 3 in Italy) make a difference? Men and Women are going overseas to Iraq and the Middle East and their loved ones wait a lot longer than that, don't they?

So, I know I digress away from the 27 minute show tonight, but these are things that have been out there for a while, and seeing Sloan and Eric together tonight brought it to the surface. These two will never move forward until she takes his job seriously and he gets over his jealousy of Seth Green. And, that makes me kind of blue.

November 9, 2008 at 8:04 PM  
Anonymous Aria Sedehi said...

okay... first.. i want to start off by saying tonights episode was probably the funniest one all season... or is it just me?... please don't let it be just me cause i mean seriously.. Ari invading babs' little womens society shit made me laugh harder than when i watched chris rocks last HBO special (which wasn't as amazing as i thought it would be)... but still... THAT SHIT WAS FUNNY... anyway.. this was a great episode.... and i'm not really worried for the show cause the episodes this season have been phenomenal ...but i'm more worried about the characters... it seems like everybody is going to end up fucked like the end of last season... i just have this feeling that they are all gonna be fucked again... Ari making the decision to split from babs and stick with andrew klein leaves me very worried... not because Ari needs babs to continue success.. but because andrew klein replacing babs is like (insert shitty nba basketball player) replacing shaq in the final 2 minutes of a playoff game... andrew klein doesn't seem like he fits in with the big hollywood star scene... and honestly i don't think he will survive it... i mean its pretty obvious... especially when hes having a panic attack after babs asks him a simple fucking question.... but yeah you get the point... oh and eric is fucked cause seth green is a douchebag... so close to success.. but in a heartbeat (or diseasterous sucker punch). its gone.... but i must admit... seeing bow wow punch the fuck out of seth green was entertaining and quite hilarious... so yeah.. that was funny... it was also really funny that i knew the name of the girl bow wow was fucking in the beginning of the episode... at least i think i do... i have to re check it... her names jenaveve jolie and shes a pornstar which explains why entourage hired her to be on the show.... so she pretend to fuck...anyway... back to why all the charcters are fucked... vince is fucked... because well... i don't even have to explain... you all saw the episode and saw the preview of next weeks episode... so let me just leave off by saying i really hope the crew don't end up fucked at the end of this season like they did their last..

November 9, 2008 at 8:56 PM  
Anonymous Aria Sedehi said...

p.s - oh yeah... seeing sloan was cool too. i'd hit that.

November 9, 2008 at 8:58 PM  
Anonymous Duffman said...

I was thinking that there is a lot of stuff to cram into two episodes, especially with one taking place in New York. Asides from Season 4 every season ended nicely wrapped up. This season seems as though a lot of stuff is going to be left over until season 6. I just hope they don't readily dismiss all of it as they did Medellin.

November 9, 2008 at 9:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just feel they wasted the last five weeks of really quality episodes. what pissed me off most was that in no world should seth green be able to f*ck with E like that. Even worse it seems that seth won, he ended up getting what he wanted possibly ruining charlie and E's show and fuc*ing with their cash flow. Also as funny as it is to see ari humiliate babs like that he needs to remember she saved his ass when terrence decided to renege on the settlement. Also where's dana to put that nazi kook in his place?

November 9, 2008 at 9:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Each week when I read the reviews of the episodes, the author of this blog comes at a completely different angle I come at it. I thought this episode was definitely the best of the season so far.

Everything in the episode was funny and I loved Ari's little family time at the beginning. Charlie's loyalty to E was another good thing and I loved his sucker punch on Seth! I don't think Andrew is gonna take over Bab's half of the agency! But I do think he'll be Ari's number 2.

Also I simply think the director dislikes vince and is just making him do stupid stuff probably to wreck his career even more. Lets be honest, if James Cameron loved him in Aquaman he mustve been a good actor, so nothing should be wrong on Vince's end.

November 10, 2008 at 4:34 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

I thought this was a hilarious episode. My favorite scene: Drama and Turtle playing Wii Tennis.

I also feel Bow Wow, although we haven't seen much of him until recently, is doing a phenomenal job this season with the development of his character. I hope to see more of him with what we have remaining in Season 5 and all of Season 6.

Next week sure looks interesting...

November 10, 2008 at 7:37 AM  

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