Monday, June 21, 2010

Entourage Sort of, Kind of Has An Ending:

Straight from E Online's Spoiler Chat:

Joey in Fontana, Calif.: Is there an end date set for Entourage?
We just asked show runner Doug Ellin the same thing, and here's what we learned: "Next year's the plan to end it," he said. But: "Hopefully we're going to do a movie, so we'll see." Booyah! How fab is that?! So how would it all end? "Honestly, I make it up as I go, so I have no idea," Ellin admitted with a laugh. "I would love to tell you I'm like Damon Lindelof on Lost like, 'I've got the whole plan.' I've got no plan. I don't even know how I'm ending this season right now. And we're shooting the end in about 10 days." The new season starts this Sunday on HBO.


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