Thursday, March 20, 2008

EW: "The group dynamic is changing."

EW managed to speak with creator Doug Ellin about the fifth season of Entourage, mentioning a few tidbits about the whole season in general:
Wondering how the strike affected fake Hollywood? It'll delay the debut of Entourage's fifth season until September, and the HBO comedy may deliver 12 episodes instead of 14 — though creator Doug Ellin says he's "writing as fast as I can" to reach 14. This season, which starts shooting in late April, will pick up with the fallout from Cannes, where Vince's Medellin tanked. "The group dynamic is changing," hints Ellin. "Eric [Kevin Connolly] is finding success on his own, grabbing other clients, and Vince [Adrian Grenier] is suddenly having a hard time." The boys trek to Mexico and Joshua Tree National Park, where they'll "eat some psychedelic mushrooms and try to find themselves. It's one of my favorite episodes. It's their Into the Wild trip." With a happier ending, we presume.
It shouldn't be a shock to anyone reading this blog often that Vince won't have as easy of a time in Hollywood after the return from Cannes. And Eric managing to nab a few more clients, smoothy transitioning from a manager into a real agent? That's actually a little more shocking, mainly because you'd think he'd spend a little more time on Meddelin, trying to save the "brilliance the film has."

Discuss: Should the group dynamic change?


Blogger WeHo Dude said...

Well, we haven't seen the group dynamic be any different, so who are we to go against the brilliance of the writing in this show. But, I have to say, the current dynamic has been great. I'm anxious.

June 1, 2008 at 11:35 PM  

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