Friday, June 13, 2008

Entourage Mailbag - #2

It was another stellar week for the mailbag. Okay, only two questions, but it's enough to survive. Enjoy this week's edition:

Q: Hey - is there any chance that we'll be seeing Dom return this season?

A: First of all, I want to thank you for sending a question in. Second of all, I’ve never been much of a Dom fanatic. He’s a bland, uninteresting character that has been explored a hundred times over in a million different roles. His entire arc in the second season was, to me, a hint toward how much Vince and E have changed since leaving New York for Hollywood.

You can clearly see how odd he was in the group, and for the writers to be bringing him back.. Well.. I’m not particularly fond of that. He may not be around for long, though. We’ll have to wait and see.

Q: Do the actors still have the passion and drive to continue for a sixth season? I mean, it doesn’t become tiring to shoot the same show for five to six years?

A: Yes. Kevin Connolly (Eric) has suggested that he’d be willing to shoot the sixth season anytime. He’s up for that. Everyone is. After a season of Entourage finishes, I’m sure the entire cast has horrible symptoms of wanting to be back on set because they love it so much. If this season is as large as HBO wants it to be, then yes, consider a sixth season definite.

As for the second question -- I’m sure. Every actor burns out. Especially on a reoccurring role on a television series. But again, the passion returns and they're back to shooting.

Make sure to send in your questions for next week!


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