Friday, June 27, 2008

Entourage Mailbag - #4

This week was favorable to the blog, rounding out with plenty of reading material.

Reader Mark Asks: Do we know Turtle's real name?

Yes. Well, sort of. In the original written pilot, Turtle's name was given: Mike Quinn. However, it's unlikely they kept that name.

Reader Ryan Asks: Why are there only 12 episodes in each season? I know Entourage works best on a short season, 20-30mins per episode format but I think if we're going to get to see some juicy storylines then maybe they should extend the season! Whats your take on this?

I'll never be the one to say that I wouldn't like more Entourage, but I am happy that they kept the fourth season centered around Medellin. Instead of trotting off on another path, they roughed it, and ended up with one hell of a dynamic at the end of the season.

As for why there is only twelve episodes... well, that's really anyone's guess. This season, however, is because the strike almost cancelled the show. I would rather take twelve than no show at all.

Reader Nicholas Asks: I've got a couple questions for you. First, I was told that the Season 5 premiere date is going to be September 7th. Is this true or just another rumor circulating? Also, I've seen the pictures and now the video of Bow Wow making an appearance in the show. Has he officially been written in as a major role for the 5th season or maybe a 1/2 episode story comparable to Ana Faris. I'm not entirely sure if I would like to see Bow Wow in the show because I haven't seen too much talent in his prior performances. And now I would like to vent. Dom sucks. If he comes back he will just drag down any episode he touches. Bad character. None of the characters liked him. None of the fans liked him. Let the dead stay dead.

I still haven't found confirmation of the premiere date, but I'm hearing that it is true.

Bow Wow is a regular this season. It's unfortunate, because I've voiced my concern over the casting, but I do have faith in Doug Ellin to knock this out of the ball park.

And Dom -- I wouldn't worry too much about his character this season. That's me taking a guess, by the way.

Reader Bill Asks: First off, I love the blog, it's great, keep up the good work! In the Pilot Episode while the boys are "Night Swimming" the guys are in the pool with the girls and in the background you can see some other guy just standing there against a wall. Any idea who this is? I've listened to the commentary on this episode and nothing was mentioned, but it seems strange for the crew to just have someone standing in their shot.

Hi Bill -- thanks for the compliment.

You know, I've wondered the same exact thing. I'm assuming he's a body guard for the night -- considering Vince was back from a premiere and had brought back a dozen or so women. He probably wouldn't have been mentioned on the commentary, as he doesn't have any speaking lines nor any importance in the episode.

Reader Ash Asks: With Entourage having to compete with shows in the fall they usually wouldn't compete with in the summer, are the producers worried about the ratings dropping?

You said Turtle was getting storylines this season, but was there any explanation as to why they dropped the other storylines in seasons past? How did the producers decide on the cast? I know they had 2 tryout but was there any competition or doubts on the actors or actress.

Entourage is like LOST. If LOST premieres in April, the height of the working season, the audience will still find time to watch the show. Entourage, I think, is compelling in an odd way, and demands a rather large audience. Also, more often than not, after a terrible day at work, I find myself watching an episode of Entourage to cheer myself up.

Look, the writers sometimes test the water with storylines and Rufus' daughter seems to be a touchy subject. I can't seem to find an explanation for her exclusion from the fourth season, but I'm assuming Turtle forgot about her after he had to leave for Medellin's shoot.

Entourage was also a risky pilot. They're making a show about Hollywood. That was never really done before this show.

Don't forget to send in your questions for next week!


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