Sunday, August 16, 2009

6.06 - Murphy's Lie - Review

What Happened This Week? Drama ran into some trouble with an executive; Eric made a decision about his career.

The Funniest Line(s):
“Go. You so much as eye-fuck another agent in this building, I will deport you naked to the Taliban.”

What Made This Episode?
I know this is a complete cop-out, but literally everything. It was the best episode of the season. Marlo storming into Miller Gold was pitch-perfect -- you felt her pain. Eric finally making a decision about his future as a manager worked perfectly.

And, of course, Drama and Dan Coaxley. Obviously it’s easy to predict that Drama’s chokehold won’t bode well for him, but I hope they make it even more interesting than Coaxley’s dislike for Drama.

Gripes? It’s hard to have a gripe about the best episode of the season.

Favorite Moment?
Many contenders -- but Marlo in Miller Gold was hilarious and at the same time saddening.

Honorable Mention: For this week, it’s George Segal as Murray. He’s great in the role.

Overall Opinion? As I said, best episode of the season.

Next Week:
A break-in at Vince’s house; Eric starts his new job.


Anonymous Ash said...

A lot going on in this episode. Loved every minute of it!!!

August 17, 2009 at 4:45 AM  

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