Sunday, June 27, 2010

7.01 - Stunted - Review

What Happened This Week? Vince almost killed himself with a stunt; Ari ignored the wife; Drama haggled with the studio over his holding deal.

The Funniest Line? Not a spectacularly funny night, but Ari's-- "I don't give a shit" -- was a nice button on the scene.

Welcome Back: Okay, so not the best premiere. I'm perfectly willing to admit that Entourage has lost a bit of its sizzle. The dialogue isn't as witty, the story isn't as entertaining and because they've given Vince practically everything a movie star can have, he's no longer interesting to watch.

What Made This Episode? Drama realizing that this industry is fucking brutal. That he can only live as the brother of Vincent Chase for so long, that he's not a star, but that he has to fucking work for it. It's a nice conflict, especially after Drama's cushy gig on Five Towns afforded the writers to lay low on his story. He was by far and away the most interesting aspect tonight.

Why do I find myself... bored? The last time I was truly entertained, truly surprised, was when Martin Scorsese told Vince he was bringing him on board Gatsby. It was a phenomenal moment and one of the best the show has ever had, but now, resorting to episode's about a stunt that will obviously turn out fine... hey, it's not working. At least not for me. I need more conflict for Vince. I need to see him actually worry. And with Walsh coming back soon, hopefully the conflict is big.

Oh, and Turtle. I like Jerry Ferrara. He was part of what made the show so damn charming in the earlier seasons, but he's the fall guy now. Ridiculous sub-plot and ridiculous sub-plot just makes Turtle so much less of a character for me.

Cameo City: Hey, it's Nick... that son whose father was really, really talented! Yeah, that guy! He did look like he could kick the shit out of me, though. So respsect. And for Top Chef fans -- Stefan Richter made a brief appearance.

Where Do We Go? I'm hesistant to say that Entourage can't make a return to greatness, but it's looking like the show will stay a level of Vince is rich, Ari really doesn't have any problems and Drama is the most interesting character. Hopefully, I'm wrong. I really, really hope.

Next Week? In two weeks (yes, two), Ari takes a meeting with the NFL; Vince makes a drastic change; Turtle must deal with his former employee.


Blogger Ryan Abram said...

Pretty much agree with everything you've said in your review.

Not the greatest episode, and certainly not a classic. Its one that won't stick in my mind as one to go back and watch at a later date.

I know Drama isn't going to make it as big as Vince but I kind of can see where they are taking his story. He had it with viking quest, lost it for god knows how long, got it back with five towns and thought he could do better and now has lost it all again. Here's hoping he gets it back, and that'll it'll be fun viewing to watch it happen.

As for everyone else, I just don't see where e is going to go this year? Perhaps a minor season for him other than his nuptials with Sloan. I thought Lloyd should have had more of 'an episode' as its our first time seeing him as an agent, but he barely got a word in.

Turtle...hmmm don't really like this storyline. Great that he's got a business going, but couldve been done better. E.g. have a rival limo firm going up against his.

June 29, 2010 at 7:41 AM  

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