Sunday, July 25, 2010

7.04 - Tequila Sunrise - Review

What Happened This Week? Ari and Lizzie went to war; Drama beat John Stamos at ping pong; Turtle suddenly appeared in a failed attempt at a spin-off -- or, uh, -- went to Mexico for a business deal.

What Did I Like? As much as Ellin and crew want me to believe that Lizzie is the end for Ari and his company, the truth is that she isn't. She almost ruined Ari's reputation, destroyed another man's marriage (which still hasn't recovered, it seems) and now, after a few smiles and a small dance, wants a promotion. Ari was right. She was wrong. And yet, I don't buy that Lizzie is much a threat. Ari's always treated TV like a red-headed stepchild he's had to beat every once in a while. Why is he so nervous? Maybe it was the warning from Andrew, who actually had a funny and memorable (a word that's not often heard 'round these parts) scene -- in fact, it was bordering on fantastic, especially with the Sizemore cameo. It was touches like these that made the show so much fun to watch in season two and three.

Gripes? Look, I like John Stamos. Sure, he's a player. Sure, he's handsome. But he's funny. He had the funniest line of the night and actually made the situation -- playing ping pong for a television show -- feel real. Entourage has never skimped when it comes time to cast, so I actually felt he fit. It was Drama that was the sore thumb tonight -- he shouldn't of thrown the match. It's much better for a character when he or she has to suck up their pride and accept their flaws. And then there's...

Tequila. Turtle. Alex. Mexico. Armed men. I'm sorry, but is this even Entourage anymore? Ferrara may be trim now (if you're reading this, Jerry, congratulations -- losing weight is rough), but Turtle should be in the music business. The only time a story of his felt organic was when Saigon was in the picture,but it was shoved aside in favor of a quick wrap-up. Entourage isn't becoming a parody, but it's bordering on it.

Where Is Entourage Heading? It's probably the toughest question to answer, because, legitimately, I have no clue. Season six seemed to be about change -- Eric's engaged, Vince is finally back on top and will stay there under Eric's management -- and yet this season seems to be about juggling priorities. Life. Have someone you don't like working with? Tough shit. Your best friends finds new friends when you aren't around? Tough shit. I'd like to see some serious consequences for all characters this season, but it's unlikely, at least at this rate.

What Happens Next Week? Stay tuned, I missed the preview.


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