Monday, March 24, 2008

Hug It Out, Volume One

A new feature on "Entourage Show", Hug It Out will chronicle information about the fifth season we may have missed or frankly hadn’t seen. This first addition is sweet but short --

  • Kim Kardashian filmed an Entourage cameo.
  • I haven't heard a word about this supposed storyline, but apparently the producers are interested in exploring Vince's curiosity in finding his father. Again, I haven't heard a word about this, but this doesn't sound all that bad, and would definitely add the grounded reality Entourage would need this season. The idea sprang from Adrian Grenier's documentary A Shot In The Dark, which is actually about Grenier reuniting with his estranged father.

The next edition will have much more information about the fifth season and unused storylines by the writing crew.


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