Saturday, June 14, 2008

More from Wahlberg...

Reader Brendan sent in this fantastic link which contains an interesting interview with Wahlberg. Fortunately enough, Wahlberg brought up a feature-length version of the thirty-minute show:

We're doing Season 5 right now. We're hoping for maybe three [or] four more seasons, and then maybe a film or two. Obviously the 'Sex and the City' success has opened up a window of opportunity there.

Sarah Jessica Parker led on the entire universe that a film version of Sex and the City would happen (it eventually did, after about a year of debating and hesitation at HBO), yet there had been one official meeting on the film. If something is happening, I'm not expecting an announcement for a very long time. For me, however amazing and fun Entourage is, I can't see it being a film. You didn't have to connect with any character in Sex and the City, because there isn't a deeper plot there other than the celebrities from the real world dressing up and prancing down an avenue in New York.

In Entourage, we have Billy, Medellin, Aquaman and pretty much every season previous. Sex and the City ended in the sixth season. Entourage isn't even close to ending. Should they choose to really make it to a ninth or tenth season, then they really do eliminate a serious chance at having a film. But see, I'm fine that. I'd watch Entourage forever.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have a feelin u r either jerry's or kevin dillon's friend and they tell u stuff...and u put it see i have a huge problem now man...i will keep coming to your site and see wht new stuff u got...and i will blurt it out to my friends and it will be spoit for them..n i will be beat an indian livin in perth and im hooked to entourage...

June 15, 2008 at 2:16 AM  

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