Sunday, August 23, 2009

6.07 - No More Drama - Review

What Happened This Week? A break-in at the Chase house; Eric started his new job.

The Funniest Line(s): “Ari Gold sent them. The delivery guy said to tell you good luck and that you are no a longer a pizza boy, you’re a pizza man.”

What Made This Episode?
Drama trying restlessly to find a way back on the lot worked for me, and I loved Eric’s meeting with Bob Saget. Seeing Kate Mara as Eric’s new assistant (I think) and Scott Caan as a rival agent was a nice touch to the episode as well.

Favorite Moment?
Who didn’t love Drama being found with a wire? I can’t wait to see what Coaxley has up his sleeve.

Gripes? I wanted more Ari. For the time that he had this episode, Piven excelled.

Overall Opinion? A great episode following last week.

Next Week: The boys ramp up security; Andrew has a meeting with Aaron Sorkin.


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