Sunday, September 13, 2009

6.09 - Security Briefs - Review

What Happened This Week? The Gang solved the case of the stalker; Lloyd made a change.

The Funniest Line(s): "What? I'm just calling to congratulate you on becoming head of the Gestapo!"

What Made This Episode?
For me, it was Lloyd becoming an agent. I never thought it'd be as dramatic as tonight, but it definitely worked.

Favorite Moment?
It would have to be Frank Darabont's Shawshank Redemption story and then proceeding to pull out his arsenal of weaponry.

Gripes? The stalker storyline seemed to be resolved a little too quickly and neatly for my tastes -- in the process, however, we did learn about Turtle's reputation at his new college, which could definitely come into play later in the season.

Overall Opinion? Certainly one of the more stronger episodes this season.

Next Week: Drama could land another role; Lloyd must deal with Ari.


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