Sunday, September 27, 2009

6.11 - Scared Straight - Review

What Happened This Week? Terrence made an offer to Ari; Eric came to a realization about LA; Turtle and Jamie-Lynn suffered a set-back.

What Made This Episode? Without a doubt, Ari trying to dig up some dirt on Terrence's real motivation for making an offer. The agency storyline in season two Terrence and Ari is one of my favorites on the show and it was honestly great to see them back together.

Meanwhile, I was impressed with how Jamie-Lynn Sigler's storyline was handled. The scene at the airport carried some great acting on both Sigler's and Ferrara's parts.

Favorite Moment? Hard to choose, but it's Drama seeing the director walk in. The entire sequence is fantastic.

Gripes? Where's Vince? As much as I like this season dealing primarily with Eric, Turtle and Drama's growth as characters, I would still liked to have seen Vince a little more.

Overall Opinion? A great episode.

Next Week: Eric has lunch with Sloan; Drama auditions for 90210.


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