Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Entourage Filming Report

...And here's our first official report, compiled by yours truly, of everything that's happening in season seven world:

  • According to TV Guide, Vincent Chase will experiencing a nasty spat with the director of his new film, apparently over the buzzcut Grenier was recently sporting while filming.
  • Which I should probably talk about. Now -- and just to make this clear -- I don't have inside information on the catalyst for Vince's new dew, but in utter speculation mode, I'd say it's Vince trying to live life to the fullest. Now that E's engaged, Turtle's knee deep into starting his life and Drama is purportedly trying to start up his own show, Vince is all alone and driven into work. He needs the freedom a new hair -- and seemingly, a new motorcycle -- affords. Maybe a last oat he needs to sow before finally settling down.
  • Pictures of The Gang filming at Earth Cafe are right here for your viewing pleasure. And yes, that's a Harley Davidson. Oh, to be rich. And famous. And handsome. And talented.


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