Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bow Wow And Entourage

Along with the many cameos happening this season (Kim Kardashian and Tobey Maguire), Bow Wow can now be added to that list. This is pure speculation, but is Bow Wow playing Charlie, the comedian who's stuck with E for an agent? I don't know -- from what I've seen and from what my sources have told me of Bow Wow, he'll play Charlie.

Or, of course, Bow Wow could just be making a cameo in the series for some unknown reason.

Feast your eyes on set pictures and a video of the crew filming:

Gold A Studio Head?

Gather around, it's time for another crazy exclusive that's more than likely a failed story line ditched in the writing room. What have I dug up for today? According to this video, Vince is set to have a romance (because, as we all know, this has never happened on Entourage before) with a model. Also attracted to Vince is an executive -- but here's the quirky catch -- it's a man. I can't confirm or deny this -- but Lloyd has been hitting on Vince ever since he became Ari's assistant. Don't become worked up over this rumor.

Onto the meat of their story -- their claiming that Ari may be offered the chance to head a studio. It'd certainly draw the support from Mrs. Ari. I'm afraid I'd have to say that it would destroy Ari as a character. The fact that he's an agent makes his character (beside Piven's brilliant performance in each and every episode). Keep in mind, E has been wrong many times before. From what I've been told and from what I've heard -- the executive who has the crush on Vince is the likeliest of being true. The offer for Ari to head up a studio could very be true, and for all we know, it is.

I'm sorry, I can't really see Ari betraying Vince like that. And it also brings up another startling question -- who would replace Ari as the agent? And how would the show continue without Piven's brilliant satire about Hollywood's inside crew and his meddling of about every film in town? Everything is pointing against this. One-hundred percent.

Doug Ellin -- or whoever may casually glance at this blog -- an extra, whomever -- say no to Ari accepting that offer.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Guess Who's Back?

E Online is reporting that Leighton Meester is set to make at least one appearance on Entourage this season. E! is actually correct in this instance. There's a controversy over whether or not Danielle's character, who you may remember as Justine Chapin, has lost her virginity. Basically, she's more like Britney Spears than anything on this show now.

Justine will film her cameo role soon. Stay tuned to the blog for much more information.

Hawaii for Mexico

Previously there had been some confusion (don't worry, nothing major) over whether or not Hawaii was doubling for another city in Entourage. As I reported here, Vince and Turtle end up drowning their sorrow away at a beautiful Mexican villa after the financial and critical failure of Meddelin. After taking such a big hit, Vince and Turtle continuously waste their earnings -- riding jet skis and basically Turtle using his friendship with Vince to get laid.

Per confusion, Hawaii is doubling for Mexico in the season premiere -- "Fantasy Island". Here's a small press release on the situation:

HBO’s hit comedy series Entourage finished filming on Wednesday after a 2-1/2 day shoot here. The show stars Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly and Jeremy Piven. The Hawaii segment has two of the main characters coming to Mexico – Hawaii is standing in for south of the border – to escape from the stress of Hollywood. The characters vacation in a beach shack where they swim and ride jet skis until their agent arrives on a seaplane to retrieve them. The main location was Waimanalo Beach Park, near where the Fantasy Island house is set, and a couple of miles off Makua Beach where jet ski sequences were filmed coordinated by Brian Keauluana.

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Fourth Season DVD

When is season four being released on DVD?

It's the question every one's asking. And it's the question I'd love to answer. But I can't. June is what I heard from a friend of mine who's well connected -- even so, he couldn't confirm the release date for it. I have no clue why, but he's adamant that they'll start advertising the release around the time the new season airs. That would be clear to anyone who watches the show.

Having received nothing worth while to take back from that source, I checked in with another one. He's saying September -- in which we'll see a special exclusive of the fifth season. It's all up in the air.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Some Information To Munch On...

It's been another dry spell outside minimal information about the crew moving to Hawaii to shoot part of an episode. It could be the first episode, but I doubt it as it's supposed to be in Mexico.

About this new information...

I'm currently working on the second, third and fourth episode exclusives. Stay tuned for that, but for now... learn the new fact that Eric, this season, will manage a writer! And guess what? The writer writes a crap screenplay -- and Eric has to shuffle around town to sell it. It's a monster of a film and Eric doesn't know what the hell to do.

Oh, and during this episode, Vince and Ari may be trying sell a screenplay one of the gang wrote.

Stay tuned for more!

Season Four Now On Demand

For everyone who is a current and happy user of HBO, they are about to become happier.

HBO has now added the entire fourth season of Entourage onto their On Demand selection. I'm currently re-watching the second episode -- and of course, it's awesome as pie. Have fun everyone and make sure to post here for any random thoughts about the fourth season!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dom's Return.

As I continue to write up summaries of the next few episodes for all my readers, I wanted to drop by and talk about Dom for a moment or so. Dom, a much despised character on the show, is returning. He's in a final draft, and while I'm not sure how they are making him return, his appearance begins in the episode entitled ReDOMption.

Oh and to continually wet your appetite -- Turtle becomes Johnny's assistant. Count on it.

Interview With Doug Ellin

This interview is very dated. As in, 2006. However, it's a very interesting conversation with Doug Ellin about the real birth of the show and how many drafts they really write. The Youtube video is down below, but here's the Charlie Rose Link (the Youtube video is out of sync). Doug Ellin's part begins around 41:35.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Exclusive: Season Five Look!

Does anyone else remember their respective jaw dropping when Medellin ended up being a failure? When Vince shrugged it off, walked out like a man, only to see his brother getting laid on the beach? Vince's life can only become increasingly worse, both in Hollywood and other respective places. And it does. After accepting the failure of Medellin at Cannes, and word traveling back that it's a colossal failure (the viral marketing shtick on Medellin's official site shouldn't be there, honestly), Vince and Turtle head to New Mexico for some alone time. Meanwhile, back in Hollywood, Eric has to head back and secure a new assistant -- Jane.

As Eric hires his new assistant, Drama is becoming the new Vince. Honestly, this road was inevitable. He has begun filming the new season of Five Towns, and he's recognized everywhere. In fact, the paparazzi are a key player in his day-to-day routine now. Lest we not forget Eric in this haze. Eric has a new client. Charlie -- he's a comedian with a bad attitude, and becomes increasingly upset with Eric, who can't seem to land him work. Anywhere. Either he's horribly unfunny or Eric's neglecting him.

And then... and there's Medellin. Are they recutting the film? Is Walsh coming back? What's the overall reception back home after Cannes? Well -- the result doesn't bode well for our star. After secluding himself in Mexico, reviews are pouring in that Medellin is horrific, and that any studio that would even attempt to recut it is profoundly paranoid.

Let's talk Ari for a moment. Upon his arrival home after a stressful and possibly tear jerking visit to Cannes, the cherry on the sundae is Richard Roeper absolutely trashing Medellin on his show. Ari can't stop hearing about it -- of course, Lloyd is hit with about every known object to man while trying to console Ari about his loss.

But wait, maybe there's that one man who pull Vince from his vast depression over Medellin. Maybe there's that one man who will offer Vince another top notch role. That man is Carl Ertz, a producer who's dying to cast Vince after a complete disaster with losing his lead -- Emile Hirsh. What's the film? Danger Beach. Corny as hell -- but Carl presents the deal of a lifetime to Ari and Vince. A thick, meaty role for Vince to revive his career - and wait, he's willing to pay Vince top dollar! How do you turn something such as that down?

You don't. And they don't. Ari sets a time and date for Carl to meet Vince -- but unbeknownst to Carl, Vince is missing in action. Thus bringing Eric and Drama back together, and chartering a flight out to New Mexico to find Vince and bring him back to reality.

They find Vince. Who's been wasting his vacation away fucking hot Mexican women. Okay, maybe not wasting away. Of course, in usual Entourage style, everything is resolved quickly -- after a quick heart to heart between Eric and Vince -- they fly back to L.A. to meet with Carl.

Vince does end up meeting with Carl. Per usual, Vince is on his behaviour and ignites his puppy dog eyes to win Carl over. Nothing is decided -- except that Vince doesn't want the title to say Danger Beach. He seems to prefer High Tide. Carl doesn't seem to mind. Again, Ellin and the writing crew are very smart. They aren't attaching Vince to anything. Or holding him down.

Oh, and as for Vincent's reputation in Hollywood? Poor. Very poor. Every agent seems to smirk at the idea of representing Vince. Obviously Medellin took a large tole on his career... and possibly Ari's as well.

As I said before, the fifth season will change everything in Entourage. With Drama becoming the sole income of the family. With Eric finally finding success as a manager. With Vince watching his group becoming more successful on their own. And Turtle still using his friendship with Aquaman to get laid.

And that's all in the first episode.

Exclusive: Title Time!

Although the drought of the fifth season has literally taken over - with our site drawing at muddy earth for news, a certain exclusive fell into my lap. We've all been wondering what direction the fifth season is heading in - and while these names don't really answer that question - it's still worth letting everyone know about.

If you haven't guessed already, I've found out the names of the second, third and fourth episode of the fifth season. You can check them out below:

UPDATE: My source supplied me with the first episode's title. "Fantasy Island."

#501 - Fantasy Island
#502 - Unlike a Virgin
#503 - The All Out Fall Out
#504 - Fire Sale

Check back later today for a certain surprise!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Next stop? Medellin.

Although this doesn’t have anything incredibly major to do with Entourage, a short news week is always a bummer. And we need something to quell that, right? Well, for anyone who’s curiosity is peeked at the notion of Joe Carnahan making a film about the infamous Pablo Escobar, he’s already been updating his official blog with nifty pictures.

What’s his next stop? Medellin. Hey, isn’t that the name of some crazy film in some crazy show called Entourage? I don’t know, I forget. You check out his official blog here.