Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Update: The Song, Hi-Resolution Clips

Update: HBO has now officially added (in Quicktime, no less) the season five television spot and the behind-the-scenes promotion (with Doug Ellin sporting glasses -- a look I've actually never seen him with). You can locate each spectacularly fun clip here.

Also: many seem to be willing to sell their own mother to find out the song that's playing with the television spot. Although it's similar sounding to Jay-Z, I'd bet it's T.I. (who does have a cameo in this upcoming season).

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sloan and E's Romance To Continue

The Insider managed to snag a, well, kind-of exclusive that had Kevin Connolly spilling a little detail about the fifth season: Sloan and Eric will once again start up a fling. The back and forth between these two was fine in the second season, but her sudden re-entry into the series doesn't bode well with me. What else could possibly be done between the two?

Kevin Connolly also managed to sneak in a comment about the supposed relationship this season. "He can't get rid of her... I wonder why!" -- We wonder too, Kevin.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jeremy Piven Has Killed The Buzz

Jeremy Piven spoke with MTV about the potential for an Entourage movie, but not before he killed the idea that it would ever happen.

"We’ve never discussed an ‘Entourage’ movie and I think we have a few years left in us [on TV]. We’re just about to finish our fifth season and it does feel like our best yet,” Piven told MTV.

Piven also mentioned his wonderful experience playing Ari Gold on mushrooms, where his character and the gang end up in Joshua Tree, where they ultimately make a decision as to whether or not Vince should take on a G-rated role to kill the buzz around his seriousness as an actor.

You can read the rest of the article here. It's our most informative article in the last month.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Bow Wow talks about Entourage

It's been a slow, slow week for news and with Comic Con reports blasting in every moment, I haven't found the time to update the blog. I know, shame on me, but I'm back today with a small report: Bow Wow talked with MTV about being in Entourage.

"I play Charlie, an up and coming comedian. It's unusual for me, because I'm not really a comedian, but I think I can make it work. I'm actually a client of E's and I sign onto their agency... it's a lot of fun, a lot of opportunities are being thrown my way."

Hopefully he takes the role with a little dramatic intent. He can be a worthy addition to the series, but they have make him a likeable character.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

First Episode Titles Announced

I exclusively reported back in April the first four episode titles of the fifth season. They've now been confirmed as well as the air dates and they read as:

55 5x01 501 07 / Sep / 2008 Fantasy Island
56 5x02 502 14 / Sep / 2008 Unlike A Virgin 57
57 5x03 503 21 / Sep / 2008 The All Out Fall Out
58 5x04 504 28 / Sep / 2008 Fire Sale

First episode is September 7th, followed by the fourteenth, twenty-first and the twenty-eighth for the following episodes.

Oh, and if this doesn't have you excited, look for an entire schedule on the site soon... the new, redesigned site.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's up!

The season five promotion that HBO has started airing has finally hit the internet:

Entourage and the Emmy's!

I've been out the entire night, and now that I'm back, I've been forced to catch up on the fantastic day us internet'ers are having: Watchmen trailer, The Dark Knight reviews, Terminator Salvation trailer (which was released yesterday...).

Nonetheless! A few surprises awaited us today:

Kevin Dillion and Jeremy Piven have both been nominated in the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy category. Once again, it's Jeremy Piven who'll take home the award, though I do think Kevin Dillion has a shot: his performance in the fourth season was fantastic.

Entourage is also in the Emmy running for Outstanding Comedy Series, up against defending show 30 Rock, The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Two and a Half Men. Stiff competition, for sure.

That about does it for the TV awards you'll see handed out Sept. 21 at the Nokia Theater. Other Emmy nominations for the show are:

• Dan Attias for Outstanding Directing For A Comedy Series (Episode: No Cannes Do).

• Steve Morantz, Dennis Kirk and Bill Jackson for Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (half-hour) And Animation (Episode: Adios Amigo).

Rainn Wilsons Talks About Entourage!

There's been a long gestating debate as to whether or not Rainn Wilson was indeed portraying Harry Knowles with his guest appearance in Entourage. Luckily enough, with a new film coming out, Rainn was interviewed by AICN, and here's what he had to say about his appearance:

Rainn Wilson: It’s going good. How are you doing?

Quint: I’m doing very well. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. I know that theyare throwing this at you as you are leaving… at least that’s what they are telling me.

Rainn Wilson: It’s great, my pleasure man. I love your website and it’s good talking to you. I portrayed your fearless leader, Harry Knowles, in an odd round about way…

Quint: Yes, you did. That was the Entourage episode, right?

Rainn Wilson: Yeah, exactly.

Quint: What’s really funny about that is that Harry has not covered COMIC CON in like eight years and I’m been the point man at COMIC CON so I got to kind of pretend that that was me for a little bit, even though I know damn well that it was Harry Knowles, but I’ve never had the whores offered yet, so…

Rainn Wilson: (Laughs) One of these days…

Quint: Maybe Harry has, he hasn’t shared with me if he has or not, but who knows? I know he was honored when they first brought that up to him and he was upset that they ended up not using his real name, even though he gave them full permission to do so.

Rainn Wilson: Oh really?

Quint: Yeah. Apparently their lawyers didn’t think it was a good idea, so…

Rainn Wilson: I think Judah Friedlander told me “Yeah, I was originally offered that part, before you, but Harry Knowles is a friend of mine and I didn’t want to offend him, so I turned it down.” I was like “Offend him? The first thing I thought when I read it was he would flattered, man! What internet movie reviewer wouldn’t be flattered to be kind of portrayed in a cool interesting way on a hit TV show?”

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Exclusive: Entourage, Season Five Making-Of

HBO has now started to promote the fifth season of Entourage. Yesterday, after almost missing the footage that was shown, I had to keep a look out. And fortunately, I did. HBO is airing a making-of featurette that basically blew the footage out of the water. I’ll take Doug Ellin talking about the season and evolution of the group over a fast, non-speaking clip any day.

The footage was yet again fast, but enough to get the point across: this season will test alliances.

The footage started with Doug Ellin, explaining the evolution of Vince of this season as we watch Vince hop on a hammock with two voluptuous women: “Vince is hiding out, but having fun, while Ari is trying to find Vince’s next film. He’s fine. Turtle is with Vince, his sidekick.” We’re then taken to Vince and Turtle riding their own jet ski, pulling up to the beach and laughing.

Doug Ellin then returned: “This season we have so many new people.” He isn’t lying. We see Tony Bennet with a mircophone in hand, stopping in front of the camera while taking a break from shooting: “It’s the hottest show on television.”

Another star -- Gionvanni Ribisi, who’ll play a writer this season -- smiles; “It’s one of those shows that once it’s on, you can’t turn it off.” The footage flew past now -- and suddenly -- our exterior is a golf course, with Mark Wahlberg and Phil Mickelson smiling. “No one ever asks me about my films. It’s Entourage all the way. That’s all they want to know about.”

We’re still behind-the-scenes. Ari Gold throws down his golf club: “I’m not quitting, Phil!”, “I thought you could handle this, Ari”, says Wahlberg as he prepares his swing.

And the end now. Vince is still with a beard, sitting on the beach as Eric approaches him. “I don’t what I’m doing, E.”

“I’m trying to find you your next film, Vince.”

Then the new cover came on, followed by the theme music.

Whew. It’s going to be hell for me for the next few months, isn’t it?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Season Five Teaser Description!

Basically, it was amazing. It was a fast, non-stop promotional clip that featured Hawaii, Los Angeles and beautiful women. The promotional clip did say something very loud and very clear:

Vince is in trouble. It ended as fast as it started, but not before me rewinding countless times.

What exactly was shown, though?

It started off with a rap theme as we quickly watch Turtle and Vince ride separate jet ski’s, each with an equally stunning woman riding shotgun. Then: another shot. This time, it’s even quicker. Vince and Turtle party around a fire with tequila -- but something is off -- Vince now has a beard, and Turtle has started to barely grow one! A little faster now… A look at Jeremy Piven as he dumbfounded and presumably stares at Vince. Another look at Drama on a beach in Hawaii, with Ari near by, most likely trying to convince Vince of coming back to Los Angeles.

And then lightning fast now… we turn a corner to see the gang’s all here: Drama, Vince (now shaved, adorning his classic Vincent look) Eric and Turtle walking down a street -- another classic walk we all know and love. Then, we’re near the end now: Vince is with a gorgeous woman on top of him -- quick whip cut to Eric on a cell phone -- then:

Entourage, Season Five. The new look is blue, with Entourage in yellow lettering. Surprisingly, Vince still has his beard on the cover.

Unfortunately, since I’m not a rap enthusiast, I can’t tell you what song was blaring through the promotional clip, but nonetheless, it looked wonderfully shot.

Scoops Confirmed!

After a majority of filming is done, a network will send out a press release. Basically, a press release is to examine what creative decisions the show runner has made. A new press release for the fifth season has been released, and it confirms every single scoop I've ever written. Hopefully I've earned your trust?

What's next on 'Entourage': Critics (including one familiar face) rip Vinnie's movie.

When "Entourage" returns September 7, Vinnie Chase's passion project, "Medellin" will get slammed by the critics – including the Chicago Tribune’s film critic, Michael Phillips.

You’ll recall that the previous season of the show ended with a disastrous Cannes screening of the film. The Season 5 premiere picks up on that note, and features a scene of Phillips and Richard Roeper, as the hosts of “At the Movies with Ebert and Roeper,” going nuclear on Vinnie’s movie.

“It’s basically Roeper ripping into the film, and I have a few lines in there too,” Phillips told me. He and Roeper filmed the scene a few months ago, and Phillips added that he gave his fee for appearing on the show to charity.

A Thursday press release from HBO revealed that Carla Gugino will be back as Amanda, an agent who is Ari’s nemesis and Vince’s former love interest. “Gossip Girl” star Leighton Meester, will play Justine Chapin, Vince’s new love interest.

Lukas Haas and Giovanni Ribisi will play screenwriters who are managed by Eric (Kevin Connolly). The rapper Bow Wow will play Charlie, another of Eric’s clients. Kevin Pollak and Fran Drescher will play the Levines, “a pretentious Beverly Hills couple,” according to HBO’s release. And – is this something you might be interested in? – Martin Landau will be back as old-school producer Bob Ryan. I particularly enjoy Paul Ben-Victor as studio head Alan Gray, and he’ll be back too.

Appearing as themselves on the next season of the show are a slew of actors and Hollywood notables, including Jamie-Lynn Sigler, NBC co-chairman Ben Silverman, the women of “The View,” Tony Bennett, Eric Roberts and also Mark Wahlberg, one of the creators and executive producers of the show.

I certainly hope “Entourage” returns rested and rejuvenated after its long break. Last season was, with a few exceptions, a train wreck, with tired, recycled plots and decided lack of energy.

If you’re interested in a few clues about the upcoming season, here’s the relevant part of HBO’s press release: “In season five, Vince [Adrian Grenier] must find a way to rejuvenate his career. His best friend and manager Eric is determined to get Vince back to the top, while struggling with his expanding management company. Agent Ari Gold [Jeremy Piven], who is having a few career conflicts of his own, struggles to deliver for Vince, given the current state of things. Drama [Kevin Dillon], meanwhile, continues his successful television career while experiencing problems in his love life, and Turtle [Jerry Ferrara] is forced to reexamine his contribution to it all.”

I hate blowing my own horn, but this press release confirms: Eric will manage writers. Turtle will reconsider his contribution to the group. Roeper rips into Vince's film. Drama becoming the star of the family. Amanda making a return, smiling as she loves seeing Ari beg her.
If there is one thing you had to trust me on, it's this: this season will be amazing.

Entourage Season Five Footage Being Shown?!

I've received several reports claiming that during the catch-up episodes HBO is airing, season five commercials with actual footage is showing in-between thirty-minute blocks. More on this to come. Stay tuned!

Friday, July 11, 2008

It's time to party...

Adrian Grenier is now thirty-two. He's old, isn't he? Well, maybe. Here's a picture and a video of the cast filming Entourage and then taking a break to celebrate Adrian's birthday. Josh Weinstein is in both the picture and the video below. Maybe he's brokering the deal for High Tide?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Entourage Affecting Decision at Warner Brothers?

Well, damn.

Variety has a new article up, explaining that WB has grown incredibly jealous of Marvel cashing in on the success of Iron Man. WB has long since been one of the most successful studios around, but Marvel has systematically built a film empire to rival them with one blockbuster. Are they hurting so bad that they have to admire, or have the desire, to destroy Marvel?

Nonetheless, an interesting few sentences have seemingly made me, and I’m sure others, go bonkers:

Besides “Green Lantern,” which Greg Berlanti is set to write and direct, DC characters that are known to be in line to become movies include Wonder Woman, which Joel Silver has long had in development; and the Flash, which has David Dobkin attached to direct. There has also been internet chatter about an Aquaman movie, much of it inspired by references in HBO’s “Entourage” to a faux James Cameron-helmed “Aquaman” pic.

When a show about Hollywood is actually affecting the real Hollywood, this takes the reality of the show to an entirely different level. It’s funny, because I remember how realistic the second season of Entourage actually was. It defined the show for me. Was Vincent Chase a sell out -- a man who cared less about the screenplay and more about the fame? Or was Vincent Chase the Tom Hanks of this century? Did he care about the quality of the film? Yes.

On record I’ll say this: Vince is my favorite character. I think he’s much more layered than some give him credit for and his writing, to say the least, has been fantastic.

The Boys Are Back!

The first picture of the gang in Hawaii, earning some well deserved relaxation...

New Information: Season Five, Guest Appearances...

Remember when I said Amanda may return this season? Well, MSN has confirmed my report. I don't want to spoil anyone for Carla Gugino's cameo, but my sources have told me Ari makes a desperate bid to sell Amanda on a film that Alan Horn, Tom Rothman (I'm assuming he makes his cameo here) and Harvey Weinstein all pass on. Outside a restaurant, too. Now be forewarned, a show like Entourage could in fact be filming entirely different openings for Gugino's role, but I'm assured this is it.

Whether or not Gugino's role is an extended cameo or a role that will last the entire season, she will be back this season.

Also, MSN offered up a few great tidbits: Kevin Pollack and Fran Drescher will play an irritating Hollywood couple.

Now onto another tidbit: MSN mentions Giovanni Ribisi and Lucas Haas will play clients of Eric. I've heard from my sources that they will play writers.

And... Jeffrey Tambor ("Hellboy 2: The Golden Army"), Mark Wahlberg, Tony Bennet and will all make cameo appearances this season as themselves.

I can hardly wait.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Watch out! Tony Soprano's daughter is in town!

Pop Crunch is reporting that Jamie Lynn Sigler, best known as Meadow on The Sopranos, will join Entourage for a three-episode arc. Now, if I had my guess (educated, of course..) I’d assume that Jamie is a friend of Justine, who, in an attempt to make Vince jealous, is pawned off on him. We’ll see soon enough.

If you don’t who Jamie is, she was daughter of Tony Soprano.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More News Coming Soon..

I know. It's tough. July is the worst month for Entourage. Statistically speaking, we're under two months away from the fifth season, and I couldn't be more excited. What's happening this season? E manages a comedian -- Vince tries to find a new film -- Drama is becoming a star -- Turtle is finding himself more and more out of place within the group.

It's going to be a riveting season. Each character is going to have something to do. Each character is going to have something to live up to. This, my friends, is the season we've been waiting for.

More news soon.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Entourage Mailbag - #5

The next edition of the mailbag is here. Only one question was sent in this time.

Q: Hi Michael -- you've mentioned previously that Turtle may be seeking work? I'll be honest, I don't think that's such a good idea. Turtle, to me, is the character that the audience can relate to. Can you tell us more about that? Anyway, I'm also curious as to why Terrence didn't give Ari his twelve million?

A: Hi --

First of all, Turtle won't be seeking work this season. He will, however, have a stint as Drama's assistant when Drama starts to become the star of the Chase household. It's sure to be funny, and as you may have already guessed, Drama starts to develop a pompous attitude.

As for the second question...

Look at it this way: who would knowingly fund his enemy's agency? With Terrence's money, Ari would have started the biggest agency in Hollywood.

And last, but certainly not least, you will see Adam Davies back. As for how long, I can't say, but he will make an appearance.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Set Pictures!

Take a look, folks! Here, you have a meeting between Ari, Turtle, Vince and Eric.

Rumor Control: Adrian Grenier's Birthday

Adrian Grenier, the star of Entourage (arguably to some), will turn thirty-two on July 10th, but before the man can age gracefully, he is reportedly demanding (or rather, asking) a fifty-thousand dollar fee from various clubs to host his party and to also allow his band (The Honeybrothers) to play.

Hopefully Adrian has a nice birthday. I know I would for fifty-thousand dollars...

Congratulations, You've Spent Twenty-Thousand Dollars for a Walk-on Role!

Here's a fun time: go to a bar, see Jeremy Piven, then pay twenty-thousand dollars for a walk-on role in one of the episodes for the fifth season. If only it were that easy.

The Sun Times is reporting that after a night out on the town for Jeremy Piven, he ended up signing dozens of autographs, and, get this, auctioned off two walk-on roles for twenty thousand dollars a piece. Of course, it really wasn't a night out on the town as much as it was a benefit.

Question: Would you pay twenty-thousand dollars for a walk-on role?