Monday, November 24, 2008

Entourage Mailbag #6

It's only one question, but any question is worth answering:

From Crizza: Whatever happened to the Tobey Maguire, Kim Kardashian and Lucius Malfoy appearances?

Answer: Crizz, Lucius Malfoy did appear. He was the uber-controlling fashion director. As for the cameo appearances, I assume it's simply a case of Ellin and the actors not being able to work the scheduling out. I was never entirely sure that Maguire would actually make an appearance.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

5.12 - Return To Queens Blvd - Review

What Happened This Week? The Gang returned home in hopes of finding peace, but it's soon derailed by Eric's meddling with a new Gus Van Sant film, with it only to end up with Martin Scorsese calling Vince and asking him to be the lead in his new film. He accepted.

The Funniest Lines? "Turtle! Get your fat ass home!" “What's the idiot saying?"

The Funniest Cameo? Martin Scorsese. Michael Phelps. Gus Van Sant. Has there ever been another episode where this much talent has been present? Gus Van Sant was shockingly more than a cameo and could have been an arc for next season, but Ellin threw us a curveball with Scorsese making an appearance. I can't wait to hear Ellin recount the tale of how he landed Scorsese.

What Made This Episode? You mean besides the utterly insane Martin Scorsese cameo episode at the end? The friction that was finally cut out between Vince and Eric. As much as I may have had a problem with the way Vince treated Eric, it still felt nice to bring the anger that has been bubbling all season to the surface. A little disappointed by the end, but I have a feeling the next season may be a bit gloomy.

Gripes? You're really making me answer this question?

How could Vince be so cold? Despite his career floundering, I was surprised to see how angry he was. He's luckier than anyone could imagine. He was the star of the highest grossing film of all time. He has a brother who continues to support him. He has a chauffeur who doesn't charge a dime. And to top if off, another friend who could be making millions as an agent, but chooses to stick around and remain loyal.

But Vince didn't care. Yelled. Screamed. Cursed. Arguably, Vince wouldn't be where he is, or rather, was, without Eric constantly barking at Ari and remaining alert. It was uncalled for by a character I'm supposed to sympathize with.

I watched the sequence about three more times. I realized that I was wishing Eric wouldn't take back his position as Vince's manager. It'd be an interesting notion: what would Vince do without Eric, a possibility Vince mentioned himself?

On The Next Season Of Entourage: Martin Scorsese and Vince make the film, but after a disastrous test screening that has Vince pegged as an "unlikeable lead", Scorsese is forced to cut down his potential Oscar bid peformance, thus bringing Ari and The Gang back into the worrying zone. It's all an assumption, of course.

Next Week? You do mean next year, right? Course you do. I have zilch to report on the matter. Or do I? Stay tuned.

Holy Shit.

Martin Scorsese?

Martin Scorsese?

Holy shit. I don't have much else to say. This is a stunning twist, and I can't wait to see how they'll handle the production and Vince's hopes of an Oscar.

Rex Lee: True Hollywood Story

Canada has a brief, but altogether nice summarization, of Rex Lee's climb to become a reoccuring character on the show. Lee had originally been scheduled for a four-episode arc. This tale truly is his very own Hollywood story.

You can click here to read it.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Almost There.

The official description for the finale:

" the Season Five finale, the guys party it up in NYC despite a not-so-triumphant return. After getting a tip from Vince's mom, E stalks Gus Van Sant to covince him to cast Vince in a role. Meanwhile, Vince reconnects with his high school sweetheart and Drama considers an investment opportunity..."

Sunday, November 16, 2008

5.11 - Play'n With Fire - Review

What Happened This Week? Smokejumpers was cancelled; The boys head home.

The Funniest Lines? This stunning episode has me reeling. "In ninety minutes, you could be back blowin' hack writers just to get them to have a cup of coffee with you!" "All will be well… unless Edward Norton blew up."

The Funniest Cameo? Peter Berg was hardly funny, but he's a nice addition. Peter Berg is actually represented by Ari Emanuel and was his college roommate. Another story taken from Emanuel's life and implemented into Ari's.

What Made This Episode? Too much. The overwhelming feeling that Entourage is back and in full force. This is what I've been waiting for from this season. It's here. Nonetheless, surprise after surprise hit.

The film has been cancelled. I can't think of a recent incident where a film of such scope and size is cancelled after only a week, but it was still a rather large shock… and almost too much to take in. How could they cancel the film that quickly? Is Vince really done?

Dana Gordon stepped out of her shell and became the boss. She screamed -- no, shouted -- but it still didn't do much.

Gripes? I have only one: cancelling the film seemed a bit hasty. It simply doesn't work like that.

Prediction? I'm puzzled. On a limb, I'd say that Vince does land a role in Sant's film, but it's small, but ends up garnering buzz.

Overall Opinion? Entourage is back. It so is.

Next Week? Back to New York.


Sal? Sal? That's his name?

Aside from the hilarity of it, I like it. I've been pronouncing the name much more than I should, but it's a new development for Turtle, or Sal, and I'm happy it was revealed tonight. I'm still calling him Turtle.

One Word: Brilliant.

Emotional. Ludicrous. Outrageous.

That would sum up this superb episode. My review will be online shortly, but this episode marked a new era of Entourage. With the film now cancelled and Vince heading back home, everything is suddenly turned upside down. This is why I watch television.

If I didn't know what would happen at the end of this season, I'm even more clueless now.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Follow Me On Twitter!

Twitter has become the new Myspace. Only smaller and slightly less annoying. You can now follow your favorite writer here and become addicted to my one line updates. Now to steer clear of this being completely irrelevant...

We're two episodes away from the finale. After this Sunday, one. One. It's been a long journey to where we are now. Soon, I'll be back where I started - reporting on erroneous information and grasping at straws. And I can't wait.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

5.10 - Seth Green Day - Review

What Happened This Week? Eric wrestled with Seth Green over remaining feelings for Sloan; Production continued on Smokejumpers, providing a startling revelation for Vince.

The Funniest Lines? Plural. "We can do it the old fashioned way and piss in his O.J." "I have skill. Something of which, you, my friend, do not have."

The Funniest Cameo? At this point, I'm willing to call Bow Wow a cameo. His sucker punch was disastrous and oddly hilarious. Although I hate to see pain inflicted, it did feel nice to see Eric vindicated.

What Made This Episode? Ari and Barbara battling over control. Ari's disgust or rather disliking of Barbara continues, but it's nothing new. Ari is feeling the hate side of his relationship and soon enough, there won't be a relationship he can salvage. He was willing to split his entire agency up over a friend.

Most of all, I'm loving each revelation about Vince. He coasted through Medellin, but he won't fly through this film. Verner is actually challenging him.

Gripes? Why do I seem to dislike every returning character this season? Seth Green took up time that could have been spent elsewhere. His lines simply weren't funny (was I only the one who was embarrassed to watch the first phone call between Seth and Eric?).

The Best or the Worst? Must I choose? It's… in the middle. It certainly has a rewatch-ability factor that I've always loved about this show.

Prediction: Andrew Klein is being groomed to take over Barbara's half of the agency. As Ari said last week -- "He's supposed to be where I am now." Giving him Barabra's position opens Andrew to all of Hollywood.

Overall Opinion? I can't see where this season is headed. Each episode is as shocking as the one before.

Next Week: Vince clashes with the director; Turtle and Jamie hook up.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rahm Emanuel Offered White House Position...

Various news outlets are reporting that Rahm Emanuel, the brother of Endeavor agency founder and inspiration for our very own Ari Gold, has been offered the Chief of Staff in Obama's cabinet. It's a massive honor for the Emanuel family, should he accept.

Congratulations! And yes, I know it's off topic, but they must be celebrating.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

5.09 - Pie - Review

What Happened This Week? Production began on Smokejumpers; Andrew Klein made his debut on the show, ending with selling his company and slowly earning the life he never had back.

The Funniest Line? Obviously the new slogan for Entourage: "Love that!"

What I Liked?
Production will continue next week, rather than being rushed into one episode this week. We'll finally see the evolution of a film from start to finish on the show. Unlike Medellin, I have a strange feeling that this film could be something special.

We also saw the introduction of Gary Cole. It's too early to tell if he'll be worth having around for the entirety of the sixth season, but he didn't do bad tonight.

How about that dinner confrontation, too? Way to stick up for Turtle, Vince.

What I Didn’t Like? Despite the laughter he caused, Jason Patric didn’t do much for me. A little annoying, a little brash. I'm still waiting to see what will transpire next week. Will the line stealing continue or will Vince finally win out?

Funniest Cameo? Where have you been, Stellan Skarsgard? Definitely the shocker of the night. He wasn't much of a loon, to be honest, but still freakishly frantic.

Certainly the best episode of the season. Loved the cutting between the vehicles as Vince became increasingly nervous about the first day of shooting.

What’s Happening Next Week? Emmanuelle Chriqui is back; Seth Green is pissing off Eric once more; Ari and Lloyd give Andrew Klein a makeover.