Friday, February 29, 2008

Entourage heading for a March start?

Sources close to the show are saying that Entourage could head into production as soon as March. It would make the most sense considering they have about six episodes already written. And since neither of the main five actors are currently filming anything, this would be the best time for the show to film.

I'm not sure how many episodes we'll receive this season, though I believe this season is slated for about twelve. I'll report back later with anything I find regarding this rumor.

The Poll #2 - Unanimous. Oh, Unanimous.

Another exciting week for the poll! We managed to get away with eighty-eight votes, over twenty more than last time. Has the popularity from the blog been rising? Maybe! Beside my gloating, our poll last week was a fun one. What Ari Gold quote is your favorite? Then again, wasn’t the poll somewhat of a trick? We love all of Ari’s lines! How could we not?

The winner, and was expected, was “Let’s hug it out, bitch!”. It’s interesting to note that another quote, one which I happen to love, made a huge comeback. “How about a quick blow job before my big Vince dinner?”

This week’s poll is about Medellin once more. Vote now!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Maybe? Maybe not?

Should Amanda make a return? Maybe, because this is the latest rumor that has made it back to me. Now of course this is only a rumor, but Amanda did leave the show on rocky terrain and returning to take over Terrence's agency (heading up Ari's former position of power) would be quite an interesting angle. And wouldn't that be threatening to Ari? She was the only agent to successfully hold Vince as a client, and make him not regret leaving Ari.

The only reason Amanda left the show, other than Carla's real life situation with her acting career, was because of Vince's terrible decision to fire her. Yes, they completely screwed the character with her romance with Vince, but if she were to return, I doubt the romance would occur once more.

We'll see. At this point, consider Amanda returning a rumor.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Poll Results - 2/17 - Unanimous decision.

We round out our very first poll on the blog with an even sixty-four votes, which is absolutely spectacular. Excellent job to everyone who voted. The selection wasn’t easy, but we clearly had a unanimous winner that took the cake. Personally, I’m with the overall consensus. Although Billy adds comedic timing and a certain sense of direction to the show, he doesn’t need to be there after they’ve wrapped up what will happen to Medellin and Clouds.

After that, I’m sure Doug Ellin will find something even more enticing for Vinnie, E and the gang. What’s more interesting and deserving of a mention is that the most voted, “Boot his ass to the curb. Aquaman III, here we come!, is of course the bolded. I’m not sure what share voted for Aquaman III or booting his ass to the curb, but I’d bet some rooted for that flippity floppity fish-man.

Do we really want to see Jake Gyllenhaal back out of the third installment, thus forcing Alan to travel back to Vince, saying that even though Vince’s “cocaine” film blew, he needs an Aquaman and Vince needs a hit and then ask him back for the third film? Or should we have Ari backstab Vince and E, selling Medellin to Alan Horn behind their back, having Alan own Vince’s ass once more? It’d be repetitive of “I Wanna Be Sedated”, an episode I absolutely love.

Although many think Entourage is a “shallow, heartless show”, it makes you think, would this really happen? Of course, it’s Hollywood.

Now go hug it out, bitch.

Knight Rider.

Assaf Cohen otherwise known as Yair Marx on Entourage had a small role in the Knight Rider television film tonight. Even though the film was horrible, tainted with a terrible screenplay and even worse acting, I didn't even know Cohen was in the film. He had a small role, but he made the most of his screen time.

His role, as I hinted at above, was a business associate or more-so like a cheesy suit that wanted his money that the main character Michael owed. He doesn't use his thick accent per Entourage, so don't expect the hunkey dory Yair.

What would you like to see in season five?

Since this question is much to large for the poll, which, by the way, has garnered an impressive amount of sixty votes. Which is amazing for our first outing as a blog. To everyone voting: you did awesome work on the poll, and it was split between the main two. You'll hear me talk more later about the poll - which ends tonight - so vote while you can!

Back to the main subject, I'd love to hear what you'd like to see in the fifth season for the gang. Sound off below in the comments section!


  • Billy Walsh has final cut on Medellin.
  • Ari isn't happy with Medellin.
  • Drama's a hit, Vince isn't. Could we see a change in the Vinnie-dominant household?

Second half.

HBO’s On Demand service has now switched again. This time, the second half of season three is up. The better and more exciting half as some have called it. The entire Ari losing Vince movement is huge, especially with the female agent. That’s possibly the biggest ego downer I’ve ever seen.

You can view the first half season three up until tomorrow at midnight.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the second half was up for around thirty minutes and then taken down. The scheduled time for the switch will be at midnight. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Viral Marketing or Confusion?

To quote the official Meddellin site:

"Vincent Chase delivers an astonishing Scarface-caliber performance in a brilliantly told story by Billy Walsh."

Obviously the comparison between Medellin and Scarface is evident, but Scarface, forgive the cursing here, is a pretty fucking fine film. And as Medellin is not, why is the comparison being proposed? Or is it actually a good film? In the season finale of the fourth season, we were treated to the last shot of Meddellin. Pablo Escobar torturing some poor soul, the camera angling a tight close-up shot of his sun glasses.

I don't know about anyone else, but that wasn't a bad shot. However, I can't speak for the rest of the film. But the official site can. I understand that the official site (and I'm talking in Entourage world here) would only slap a good review up, but how can anyone like the film as it was unanimously hated? Then again, was it? We only heard Dana and Yair put the film down.

What I'm trying to say here at best is this: while we're eagerly anticipating the next season of Entourage, are they trying to confuse us? Because knowing Billy and his utter disgust for Queen's Boulevard's disastrous cut, he wouldn't change a damn thing. After all, he does have final cut.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Entourage is back!

Let's hug it out, bitches! To quote a rather famous agent from our favorite show, we should all be hugging it out and preparing to head butt some motherfucking kangaroo's! Okay, enough with the Ari quotations for now, anyway. The NY Times have confirmed that Entourage will appear in the fall with an all new season.

I'm excited as ever for the fifth season. This is more than likely the only time we'll see Vince and E struggling with a film they shared so much passion for. And as I've heard from around the corner, Weingard may not be the only studio vying Meddellin. I'll leave you all salivating on that front for now.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Worthington is worth a lot.

Did anyone else want more of James Cameron on Entourage? We rarely catch a glimpse of the man himself apart from the dozen or projects he has attached himself to over the years. Regardless, since the news is few and far between for Entourage at the moment, James Cameron’s lead star in his new space genre defining film Avatar, Sam Worthington, has been cast in Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins.

Except, why’s Cameron doing this? He didn’t have nearly as much involvement with the third Terminator film and he wasn’t even prepping anything. Sure, writing another spec screenplay, but to him that’s absolute cake. Sam Worthington is set to star as Marcus for MCG’s Terminator Salvation which is centered around John Connor (Christian Bale) fighting Skynet after they've destroyed much of humanity in a nuclear holocaust. Worthington will play the role of Marcus, a central figure in a three-picture arc.

Monday, February 11, 2008

'Entourage' on HBO!

Although season three carried more disappointments than Bush's entire run in office, I still liked the overall theme. While Vince and E! strive to make Meddellin and find the funding, Turtle is on the brink of Rusell Simmons like proportions with his new venture into the management career. Near the end mark with Vince faced with the challenge of screwing someone's wife for Meddellin's sake and Turtle sorely missing out on signing Saigon, the series began to push away from what we see in the first and second season. With Billy Walsh reintroduced hastily but well, Entourage smoothly made the transition into the fourth season.

HBO on-demand is a fickle like program for sure. They've set up a two week rotation of Entourage episodes for, I'm assuming, fans to catch up and seduce many more. There isn't anything better then seven free episodes that're only a click away. On the seventeenth of February, we'll see the later half of the third season, which, you have to admit, upped the anti of Entourage.