Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Promotion!

TV Guide is certainly a hit with me today. They have a brand new interview with Constance Zimmer, which I newly have below, but now they have a brand new promotional clip. It's a fantastic one, and doesn't confirm anything we couldn't already guess.

You can find the clip here. I would host the video here, but it'd make the site much slower and a bigger hassle for anyone viewing it.

Constance Zimmer: Here's A Spoiler...

Dana Gordon is the female version of Ari Gold? It's a nice argument, but it'll never hold up in my eyes. She's funny, quirky and ultimately smart, but she'll never have the instinct that Ari has. Maybe I'm being too dramatic? TV Guide spoke with Constance Zimmer, the actress who plays Dana Gordon, about the newest season. It's hard to tell her true feelings about the season -- she's a little unsure about it all.

She did, however, reveal something surprising. Be warned: watching this video, you will learn of a spoiler. I wish I could say it here, but it's something out of left field entirely. Click here to watch the video.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Michael Phelps On Entourage!

I've been out of sync with the world for quite a long time, but even I watched the miraculous fish that Michael Phelps is. And this fish is about to flop down for a cameo on Entourage. It's most likely about the same type of cameo that Brian Grazer had last season. Walking by E, stopping to say hello, and then moving on.

Apparently Phelps stumbled onto the set, and in an act of brilliance, Doug Ellin wrote a cameo for the medalist to appear on the show.

A Few New Pictures!

If you're having a steaming cup of morning coffee at the moment, then we are momentarily alike. Reader Sebastian was kind enough to send over a few pictures for the rest of us to view. A very big and bolded thank you to Sebastian:

Charlie (Bow Wow) and Eric (Kevin Connolly) are all smiles while trying to break the barrier of acting.

Vince (Adrian Grenier, pronounced Gren-yay) and Eric (Kevin Connolly) strike a pose as a camera flashes before them.

Drama (Kevin Dillion) and Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) argue as to whether or not the coffee is warm. My guess? It ain't.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"The cast is more at home here then in L.A...."

They're coming!

To New York, of course. The shoot in the Big Apple has been fast and furious. The production is moving at a breakneck pace, stopping only to admire Adrian Grenier's hair. Not only that, but they're virtually undetectable and it's nearly impossible to see the cast together to shoot a scene.

Fortunately for us, a local news station managed to track down the location and visit with Doug Ellin to receive the latest about the season. You can watch the video here, but don't worry, there's nothing that would spoil you.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Praise And Slander: The Unfortunate Conclusion -- Season Four DVD Reviews

Although I've already ordered my copy, it was delayed and ultimately is said to be postponed until the twenty-ninth (when they'll finally deliver my copy, in which case I'll have my review up). Definitely an unfortunate case, but I can't let my audience go without a few reviews to much on. Shall we start?

Out of the gate first, Adam Quigely:


Entourage is a show I love without ever really feeling any deep connection to. Like Hollywood itself, it’s enjoyable to look at and admire but eventually you realize it’s all artificial glitz and glamour and not much actual depth. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, because with characters like the hilarious asshole agent Ari Gold (played by Jeremy Piven), sometimes you just want to kick back, relax, and not have to think too much. Season 4 of the show offers 12 episodes.


I can't attack the man for not having a connection to the show, but it's rather foolish to proclaim that the series doesn't have much depth. You can look no further than Sorry, Ari or Exodus for the realistic depth the show effortlessly provides.


The next review was a clumped together mess, but I managed to pull forth from the wreckage this gleaming jewel:

"I'm usually not a fan of cable television, but I find this series to be enjoyable and far better than anything on today."


Good to know. I'd heartily agree.


This final review is by far the harshest of the bunch. It doesn't cut the show much slack and manages to include that the comedic aspect is childish and outlandish at times:

"Finally two major story lines suck the show down late in the season - Anna Faris and the twins. The Anna Faris storyline was an interesting concept worth exploring. Unfortunately, it was poorly executed and presented new one-off characters that failed to deliver strong comedy or believable performances. The twins storyline was an entire episode about two identical twin agents working for Ari and not getting along. The twins are portrayed by real life twins Jason and Randy Sklar. They are never funny and the story feels like obvious filler just to get through another episode."


Anna Faris was an unfortunate conclusion, sure, but does the twin storyline really bog down the season? I found it a nice return to form since the second season, while Ari simultaneously handled Vince and his other clientele.

Lloyd: Half Man, Half Ari Gold's Savior.

When Entourage started, an assistant was never an essential character in the series. The first season came and went. During the first season, it was Emily. Look, it's Emily! She was an okay character, and I think I had to respect the fact that they managed to stir up a mini sub-plot with Eric having to go back and beg her for Cameron to consider Vince. But then she went too, and never returned.

Lloyd, however, has stuck. He rolled around in the first episode of the second season: The Boys Are Back In Town. He wasn't so much of an afterthought as the credits on the episode came up. But countless episode after episode, with Ari taunting Lloyd about his heritage and fashion style... I started to develop a likeness for this character. I'm still up in the air of how important he'll be in season five, if at all, but I can count on Rex Lee (the brilliant actor portraying Lloyd) to fulfill his one mission: serve Ari Gold, co-founder of the Miller-Gold Agency.

In this interview
(upper right hand corner), Lee manages to talk about Entourage and address the issues that some may have had with the fourth season. Personally, I loved the season and it finally delved into the clusterfuck that Medellin was bound to be.

It's a video interview. It may buffer for a second or two.

Monday, August 25, 2008

And Thou Shall Not Record...

Lucky son of a...

Oh, wait, I can't be too vulgar. Filming In Brooklyn, the first site I stop at when I wake up and the last stop I make before I fall asleep, has managed to prove once again how truly amazing they are. Quite possibly the best production site on the internet, they were on hand to exclusively cover the Entourage shoot. It happened later in the day, the FIB managed to hide by a bush and tape an actual scene (or pick-up) being filmed.

Once again, I can't thank the site the enough for being on top of the shoot. Make sure you head over here to thank them!

Entourage: Season Four DVD -- Now Available!

I've been hinting at the release date since the start of this blog, sometimes reporting a rumor on a potential date, but now it’s finally here.

Entourage, Season Four, the DVD!

I'll have my review on the twenty-ninth (I know, a little late, but it's the best I can do since I'm not connected to HBO or receive the DVD immediately like some may at the bigger and better sites).

If you have the time, please send in a picture of you with your Entourage season four DVD and I'll make sure to have it up on the blog within the minute!

Back In The New York Groove...

Back in the New York groove...

As I reported earlier, the Entourage crew was in New York filming the finale of the fifth season. I won't say (because I don't know) why they're in New York, or what may cause them to travel to the Big Apple, but it's sure to be an amazing finale that has been teased since the first season.

You can view the gallery of pictures here, but it requires a registration (which I find highly suspicious), but you can also view twenty pictures at this link. Do I spot Turtle's mother in one picture?

The Official Site Is Updated! All New!

Instead of the old and somehow dusty previous design, the official site for HBO's Entourage is now newer and better. Faster, too. It's a nice way to waste time and anxiously stare the commercial, then salivate and cry yourself to sleep.

Too much? Okay.

You can visit the new site here.

Before I leave, I shall leave you with a quote from our favorite character, Drama:

"If you play gay or retarded, you get an Oscar. I’d take it in the ass for an Oscar."

Can't beat that logic.

Harry J. Knowles Isn't A Hater, But Not A Fan, Either.

Harry Knowles (who was promptly mimicked by Rainn Wilson) has put up a short review of the season four DVD. It's actually not even a review, but rather what Knowles himself has to say about the show:

"This is a lot of folks’ fave show on Television, personally – I’ve never gotten caught up in it. Even when they parodied me. Seriously though – you guys should get your prostate stimulated by wanton women – you’ll cum like you won’t believe. How the writers of this show knew that about me, I’ll never know."

Surprising, to say the least. The man who created the world of Hollywood journalism and inside information every other day not digging the show is a bit concerning... and odd.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Now In High-Definition!

The official site has now been updated to include the animation clip we premiered yesterday. After viewing a few more times, it's very well made promotion and definitely a favorite of mine, but it does become a tad bit annoying. I've seen it air all of twice on the official channel.

Click here to view the high definition version.

A Gallery Worth Fighting For...

Newsday now has over twenty-five new pictures from the latest season. A few peak my interest, such as:

Where could the gang possibly be? Perhaps, a visit with their dear old friend Dom?

There's nothing too interesting about this picture, but it's our first look at a cheerful Bow Wow in the role of Charlie.

Signaling the return of Shauna, Debi Mazar is back in form. Both figuratively and literally speaking.

Ari and Vince are close. Close enough to hug it out? Interesting question: when was the last time Ari muttered the popular phrase?

You can find the rest by simply clicking here.

Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm Not Spoiling Much, HBO is...

Another new making-of. Another day.

I want to stress, however, that what I’m about to describe is spoiler-heavy. This making-of probably shouldn't have been released, because it practically incinerates a spoiler-free viewer.


(Do not proceed if you don't want to know about the upcoming season! I repeat: do not proceed!)

Basically: Vince makes another film. I knew about this ever since I revealed information about the fifth season. It's about firefighters with supernatural abilities (or so it appears) and the director of the film is none other than Stellan Skarsgard (as reported, a lunatic director that has Ari in a knot -- we should probably expect some spooky shit to occur between the both of them). It would be a nasty sin to describe this making-of -- because it does spoil -- it does wreck a few surprises.

I won't bother to transcribe it, but there's a snippet of dialogue in-between the quick cuts: “He's not coming back, I know him better than you!” E screams into his cell, Ari replying in notorious prose: “Then we're going to him!”

They managed to sneak in a few shots of Vince and Stellan on set -- Vince in his get-up, a fire billowing behind him (with two other men beside him, equally dressed in gear, but I couldn't recognize them).

They didn't ruin too many surprises, but a few have been obliterated.

Season Five Clip Now Up!

If you're like me, who's trying his hardest not to spoil the premiere for him, you won't watch this new clip that has appeared over at the Chicago Tribune of Richard Roeper trashing Medellin. Many already knew this, but the clip isn't just of Roeper -- it's the beginning of the premiere episode.

Since I do run a site that is viewed by many, I had to watch this clip -- but I swear, but I closed my eyes! You can watch the clip above -- it's a nice prologue to what will eventually become the center of the episode.


Update: I've been told that the clip on the Tribune site isn't working for some, so I've taken the liberty of adding a Youtube version:

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Ultimate Cool Factor.

Some wonderful individual up and decided that he would share with us all the comic book promotion for the new season of Entourage. The promotion itself goes without saying how it fantastic it is:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Filming In Brooklyn -- In The House, The Entourage Crew.

Filming in Brooklyn, an amazing site with more information than my petite brain can comprehend, has dropped us a nice little tidbit: the Entourage crew will be shooting an exterior shoot at 58-45 41st Drive in Woodside on Monday, August 25th.

I can't say whether or not I'll have anyone on the scene - taking pictures or otherwise reporting - but I do hope any reader takes it upon themselves to catch a glimpse of the gang. It's a chance you may never have again.

The First Review Is In -- And Glowing!

It was only a matter of time before the first review was online. And here it is in almighty glory. It's by Cynthia Littleton, a weekly editor for Variety's television outlet. The review is too short to really muster an appropriate feeling for how the first episodes will come off, but it's a nice prologue for the likely slew of reviews we'll receive in the days leading up the premiere.

Littleton doesn't surprise when she says, and I quote, that "by the end of episode two, Piven has pretty much clinched his fifth consecutive Emmy nom for the role he seems born to play." Piven has been the shining light throughout this series, and it isn't a shock that he's the full focus of these first few episodes.

Littleton also confirms that the first two episodes are entitled "Fantasy Land" and “Unlike a Virgin”.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

iTunes and Entourage: Together At Last!

I'm not particularly an advocate for Itunes. Partly because I can't afford to use it at the moment, but don't stop me from ruining your fun -- Itunes and Entourage have banded together in an act of hope to spread the word of Entourage: you can now download the first and second season!

It's not entirely exciting for those who are die-hard fans and shell out the extra dough for HBO, but for those who're bored and currently don't have HBO, this is the perfect solution for a cloudy day.

Har, There Be The Boys, Cap'm!

Although they won't make the move to New York until later this week to shoot the season finale, the gang is still taking up residence with filming red hot in L.A. As seen above: Ari, Eric, Vince, Turtle and Drama cruising down a street on Sunset Strip.

The video that I've linked below feature an explosion or a mothball of racial slurs by Ari, but it’s interesting to note that even while filming in the cold breeze, Piven still takes the time to flirt at about fifty-nine seconds in. A classic player.

Is it me or does Kevin Connolly seem to be the only one paying attention to the director? Quick, someone zoom in close to his screenplay!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Entourage Cast: Together At Last!

The cast was together at last in their first public gathering since wrapping the final shoot in L.A. The gathering, or conference, was held on August thirteenth at the Four Seasons. Keep in mind: I've yet to find a detailed report on said event, but I'm working on obtaining a full transcript. Meanwhile, take a look below for two pictures of the smiling cast:

When You're Back, You're Back...

I wish I didn't have to smother everyone with these petty descriptions of clips, but it’s all I can manage for the time being. For now, anyway. Let's talk about this new clip, shall we? The footage they've managed to show isn't altogether exciting, but it's a nice reminder that Entourage is back. And now onto the meat of the post:

We’re thundering down an L.A. street with the sun-baked SUV, then with Ari in the familiar archway of his office: "Just like the good old days, huh?” Whisked off into the sea, where we once again see Turtle and Vince cruise the waves on jet-ski’s. Ending money shot, Ari doing a thrust, victory-like: “We’re back in the game!" -- Continued by Vince and E, Eric closing out our footage: "I think you're going to be hotter then ever, Vince."

Entourage premieres September 7th.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Entourage Takes a Bite Out of the Big Apple!

Remember when I announced that Entourage would finally be taken back to the home turf of New York? According to my insider, who's reasonably connected to the production, has told me that Entourage is filming all next week in the Big Apple. I'm currently on the prowl for more information, shooting off e-mail after e-mail to sites for filming dates, locations, cast members shooting on select days. It's tough work, but someone has to do it.

In other updates...

HBO has yet another promotional clip -- this time, it's a little less ordinary. It's a comic book. Yes, you read that correctly. A clip has Vince, Eric, Ari, Drama, Turtle all morphed into the pages of a comic and stylized as comic characters -- supposedly catching us up on the situation leading to Vince taking a vacation, or sabbatical, in Mexico.

Another clip that's mixed with the familiar All Flossed Out is playing with new footage: shots of Ari and Lloyd rushing down a hall in the Miller Gold Agency, Eric at a dinner, Drama opening his trailer door to a lingerie clad model, the gang by a pool, each with a tuxedo look snazzy. It's more fantastic bait for the audience that’s been waiting for this season.

Until next time...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rumor Alert: Stellan Skarsgard in Entourage!

You can the read the Swedish-written article at this lRumor Alert: Be wary, for another rumor has hit the deck! Cover one’s self.

Whenever I’m sent a rumor, it’s usually laughable. A few have been about Doug leaving the show - Mark having a fight with Jeremy. Bullshit, basically. But don’t fret, because the rumor I am about to recite may indeed hold some stock: Stellan Skarsgard (Good Will Hunting, Pirates of the Caribbean) will serve as a guest start as a lunatic director for a three-episode arc.

As said above, I feel the need to reiterate: this is a rumor until proven legitimate.

I’ve managed to find another source for the information. Unfortunately, the article from said site is in Swedish and any translator sprawled across the internet is worthless.

You can the read the Swedish-written article at this link. If you have any clue as to what the article actually says, please send over an e-mail.

Credit: Reader Sebastian.


Update: A wonderful reader by the name of Mark has translated the article:

Stellan Skarsgård will make an appearance on the cult series "Entourage". According to himself he will play a crazy director for three episodes. Skarsgård is now in Los Angeles starring in Da Vinci Code sequel movie Angels & Demons. When there was a small break in the production he said yes to a guest appearance on Entourage. It was damn fun, he says to TT Spektra.

On behalf of Entourage Show, thank you!

Friday, August 8, 2008

A fantastic find...

A fellow Entourage fan site managed to find what so many of us couldn't: the theme song that rocked behind the twenty-two second preview. It's "All Flossed Out" by Cadence Blaze and Douglas Jones. Or, if you'd rather watched an embed version, look below:

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wahlberg: Man, Myth, Executive Producer on Entourage

Mark Wahlberg. Hero? God? Zeus? He is Max Payne, however, and also responsible for our favorite show. As Comic Con was burning up the internet with surprises and let-downs, Mark was also there promoting Max Payne, but that didn't stop Wahlberg from talking about Entourage.

When asked whether or not we'd see the end of Entourage anytime soon, Mark smiled: "This show will continue until 2030 if I have my way."

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lucius Malfoy On Entourage!

Best known for playing the venomous Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter, Jason Isaacs will make a surprise appearance on Entourage, reports EW. “I couldn't be more excited," he told "I have seen every episode. I can’t tell anyone what I am playing. I can only say I am not playing myself. Christ, I hope no one thinks it’s me. It’s quite a character. I wouldn't want people thinking he's based on my personality!”

Although trying to keep mum on his secretive role, Jason did slip up. He appearance will take place during a golf-centric episode. It’s likely this will play into the Mark Wahlberg and Phil Mickelson appearances as well.

This season seems to be full with surprise appearances from notable actors. Educated guess: he’ll play a studio head -- maybe of Universal?

You can read the rest of the article by simply clicking here.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bow Wow Talks About The Love

As if Bow Wow hasn't already had enough women to bed, he's about to add another seven to his list: the star, who will famously play a comedian on this season of Entourage, felt comfortable filming a sexual embrace for the show. That's right, Bow Wow will bear all for his acting career.

""I know the girls, they're going to go crazy when they see it. The ladies are gonna go crazy when they see Bow Wow's first sex scene." However crazy this scenario may sound, it's about to become crazier: ""It was with a porn star. I don't know her name. She probably watching this like, 'What? I did a scene with him, and he doesn't remember my name?' Nah, I don't remember her name, but she was bad though. She was baaaaad!"

Well.. christ.

Friday, August 1, 2008

HBO: Live It.

The official site HBO site for Entourage has now gone live with another new image of the gang, having seemingly replaced the "replay" ad. This season seems to have a rather silver look to it, wouldn't you say?

A note: If anyone official from HBO is viewing this blog, please update the main site with the song that I've been constantly e-mailed about. You know, the one that plays with your commercial?