Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Behind The Scenes Footage On HBO!

Once again, HBO has added new footage and this time it's the official behind-the-scenes clip. It's a definitely a nice clip that showcases celebrities like Tom Brady and Zac Efron complimenting the show on how realistic it is.

As always, head over here for a look.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Don't Forget: Fifth Season DVD Released Tomorrow!

In this first addition of Don't Forget (and probably the last until the premiere), I'd like to remind my loyal readers of something incredibly important: officially in stores tomorrow is the fifth season on DVD. Even though the season was hotly debated, I still liked it. It was different and when the fifth season began, that's exactly what Entourage needed.

New Footage!

With the season premiere coming up, HBO has taken to updating their official site constantly. In this new addition, HBO has added new footage: new clips of Drama, Vince and the new season altogether. Having been watching HBO quite a bit lately, the promotions for the upcoming season have been non-stop -- with new footage in each advertisement.

As always, click here to watch.

Friday, June 26, 2009

HBO "Booth" Promo

HBO has updated their video section to include an all new promotion entitled: Booth. It's a sped up version of the gang sitting in a booth and messing around. Click here to watch that. With the new season inching closer each day, reviews are bound to start pouring in and Entourage Show is about to kick into high gear.

Get ready.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Life Changes, Friends Don't

Similar to last year when the new season was coming around, HBO has updated their site with a short sixteen second clip and the slogan: life changes, friends don't.

I like it. Since season six is supposed to be a throwback to the very first season (where it's just insane fun every episode), it makes sense.

You can find it all here.

Kobe Bryant Was Originally Set To Cameo!

Some people were left scratching their heads at the notion of Fifty Cent making a cameo in the sixth season -- mostly because it doesn't fit with the already announced list of celebirities, but maybe this new article from E! Online can clear it up: it was originally Kobe Bryant who was set to cameo. Unfortunately, due to scheduling issues, he had to back out.

Click here for a video of Piven talking about it.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Exclusive: HBO Debuts First Scenes From Season Six!

Holy. Fucking --

Sorry, I have to restrain myself, but if you were watching HBO tonight and ended up seeing the fan favorite episodes, then you were probably over the moon when HBO premiered the first scenes from the upcoming season. Do not read any further if you don't want to enter into spoiler territory:


It began with a few shots of a massive crowd -- why a massive crowd? Because it's The Great Gatsby premiere and it's big. No, enormous, and while bulbs flash and stars arrive, one particular limo pulls up and Vincent Chase exits. Fans scream, Chase waves, and the footage does a quick cut to --

Turtle and Jamie-Lynn. They are being interviewed by Entertainment Tonight and the reporter inquires about Turtle:

Whose Turtle?

He's my boyfriend.

Just Turtle?

Yeah, like Madonna.

Yeah, but I let her call me Sal, and only her.

That's sweet.

It's at this point that the hysteria grows even wilder. A few miscellaneous shots of Drama and Vince talking with reporters and a huge overhead shot of the premiere. After this, we find ourselves with Eric, who is saying good-bye to a few suits.

It's gonna kill me.

Thanks for coming guys. Enjoy the movie.

Then someone taps him on the shoulder. It's Emmanuelle Chriqui and she looks stunning. They have a bit of a words match:


Wow. You look amazing.

You look great.

Thanks -- do we still get to sit next to each together?

As Eric and Sloan begin to walk the carpet, the footage goes over to Vince and Ari, who are walking down the carpet:

Nice of you to join me.

I am here and I am all about you. So you ready?

I am.

Okay then, let's go reintroduce you to the world.

Vince and Ari walk toward the opening of the theater, as the footage cuts to black and HBO says they'll be back on July 12th.


Basic impressions? Even though it was only a few minutes of footage, it definitely seemed reminiscent of the first season, especially with the way they shot the red carpet. Everyone, or at least who was in the preview, seems in top shape and I think we're in for the best season of Entourage yet.

(PS: Since I had so much trouble describing footage last year, I broke down the dialogue and short descriptions so it's easier to understand. I'm sure I missed a few things, but the main things are there).

Saturday, June 13, 2009

50 Cent to Guest Star!

You heard me. The notorious rapper was seen shooting with the crew and apparently he'll be making an appearance in the new season. The context of the scene hasn't been revealed and likely won't be until it actually airs, but hey, another cameo can't hurt.

Click here for some pictures.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Three New Actors Added To Cast!

The Hollywood Reporter has announced three new actors who'll be joining the crew for the sixth season. They are:

William Fichtner - Fichtner is Phil Yagoda, a slick TV producer who once had a hit TV series back in the 1990s and is trying to remake it with Drama (think the new 90210).

Matt Letscher -
Letscher is Dan Coakley, a handsome and brash television executive who over-sees Drama's show.

Scott Caan -
Cann is Scotty Lavin, a cocky and highly competitive manager who acts tough and and trash talks to cover up his insecurity. He sees E as a threat.

In a few days, we'll officially be a month away from the premiere. Time really does fly.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Zac Efron To Cameo In The New Season!

Yes, it's true, HBO has exclusively confirmed to E! Online that Zac Efron filmed a cameo for the new season. It's the not the worst news in the world, but I'm sure it'll be similar to the Michael Phelps cameo: a short, "oh, was that him?" sort of scene.

Click here to find out more.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Information on Season Six!

It may still be a month away, but Entertainment Weekly already has information on the new season. Check it out:

The first two episodes center on Vince's (Adrian Grenier) new Martin Scorsese film, Gatsby. But we'll also see Eric (Kevin Connelly) debating whether to get a place of his own, and Llyod battling Ari (Jeremy Piven) about a promotion-- and an Ari mandated crash diet."

HBO Releases First Three Episode Titles!

HBO has officially updated their calendar to include Entourage--which also includes the first three episode titles. They are as written below:

-- Drive. Running Time: Twenty-seven minutes.

-- Amongst Friends. Running Time: Twenty-six minutes.

-- One Car, Two Car, Red Car, Blue Car. Running time: Twenty-seven minutes.