Saturday, January 17, 2009

Eric Still Won't Be Over Sloan In Season Six

Marc Malkin of E! Online spoke with Emmanuelle Chriqui of Sloan fame... and yes, Sloan will be returning in the sixth season of Entourage... and yes, Eric is still not over her. Sorting out the confusion first and foremost, Chriqui says that they'll start out using the "friends first" method.

Chriqui also adds that this will primarily be the season in which we learn "the most" about Sloan as a character. I can say for sure that Sloan will definitely not be out of the picture this season and according to my sources, she may come between and Eric and his new love interest, Ashley Marsh.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rounding It Up: Season Six News and Updates!

With season six almost on the horizon and expectations higher than ever, I decided to round it all up. A compilation of updates about the next season.

  • An Entourage casting call? No way! Characters by the name of Ashley Marsh and Marlo Klein will be appearing on Entourage this season. Marlo is the wife of Andrew Klein, who'll be a fixture in the sixth season. Marlo is desperately trying to fit into a world she doesn't understand -- the glitz and glam of L.A. Oh, and having some spare change to spend. Marsh will be a new love interest for E, - she's smoking hot and works in advertising.
  • Filming for the sixth season will start up in about a month. As expected, Piven is recovering well and will be on set for shooting.
  • Adrian Grenier is extremely excited to begin shooting the new season: "I think it's a throwback to season one. We're going to have some good, old-fashioned fun this time."
  • Jamie-Lynn Sigler will be returning for more phone sex. This will be Turtle's first real relationship. How will Drama take it?
  • How would you feel if your older brother starred, or directed, one of your episodes? It's exactly what Matt Dillon is pondering: "I threw it out there that it'd be fun to direct one."
(Sources: SpoilerTV, Watch With Kristin)

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Kevin Dillon Eager For Pink Cameo

Oh, Kevin Dillon. You crack me up.

According to Digital Spy, Dillon is eager for the pop star Pink to make an appearance on the show, but it's not as harmless as you think. Dillon wants to have Johnny Drama enter into a fling with Pink, only to disprove that Pink is indeed a lesbian.

"He would think that she might go there occasionally," Dillon said. "Johnny Drama would love to get together with Pink."

It does seem like wishful thinking, but at least it's not bad wishful thinking.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Entourage Invades The Golden Globes!

You may have heard -- Entourage didn't fair well at the Golden Globes. At one point in the show, Mark Wahlberg had to express his utter lack of faith in the world after Entourage's loss: "Kevin Connolly's a little mad at Alec Baldwin." It'll all come in time, Wahlberg. You'll see.

No less, Entourage invaded the red carpet. Embed below is Adrian Grenier expressing his excitement for the widely loved Scorsese cameo:

Continuing this trend of interviews, Jeremy piven directly adresses his illness with Mark Wahlberg, "his boss", by his side (which confirms that Piven will be back on Entourage):

Special thanks to Brandan!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Interview with Doug Ellin.

Doug Ellin was interviewed by The Write Environment, a DVD series dedicated to learning the craft of Screenwriting. What's interesting about this new four-minute clip isn't what Ellin has to say (although still interesting, I'm far more psyched out about the Aquaman doll), but rather our first look at Vince's Aquaman appearance in the form of an action figure that was unfortunately never seen translated to the screen. You can see it directly above Ellin's shoulder.

You can purchase the feature-length DVD, which has Ellin detailing his entire career until Entourage and then expanding on what makes Entourage so amazingly popular. You can do so here.