Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Final Four Titles Released!

Reader Joe has sent way of a massive update HBO has done to their site -- they've released the titles for the final four episodes. You can read them below:

  • (9) Pie - A little vague, isn't it?
  • (10) Seth Green Day - This is interesting. I hadn't expected Seth Green to pop in again.
  • (11) Play'n with Fire - Whatever could this episode be about?
  • (12) Return To Queen's Blvd - The long awaited trip to New York. It's also the season finale, the dreaded date we all look at with angered faces.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

5.04 - Fire Sale - Review

What Happened This Week? The best episode of Entourage this season. Ari and Vince went on an all out pitching spree to sell Smokejumpers. When it finally looked like Vince had a supporting role and a film guaranteed to be made, Alan Grey swoops in for the kill.

The Funniest Line? Simply too many to list. A personal favorite? The prisoners chanting "Victory!" as Tarvel (uh, sorry, I mean Drama) was escorted out of his prison cell.

What Made The Episode?
The irreplaceable feeling that the show is finally hitting a stride and that it's moving. Drama crying and Benji entering the picture didn't hurt, either.

Gripes? Where's Turtle? He's there, but when will he shine this season? Soon, hopefully.

Greatest Cameo Ever? Tom Rothman. "We can't fund this film at the moment." With the year they've been having, it doesn't come as a surprise. And who else loved that Head On was made my Fox? A thriller with Jessica Alba… does it make any more sense?

Overall Opinion? It's the best episode of Entourage this season. Vince is finally learning that he has to be Mickey Rourke before he can be Al Pacino. Drama moping around The View was a nice little touch.

Next Week? Alan Grey is back… and slimier than ever. Eric Roberts is making a cameo, and Vince has to decide -- do I make a G-rated film? Or do I hold out yet again?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Entourage Mailbag - #5

The fifth edition of the Mailbag! Since Reader Brandan is in dire need of his questions being answered, I shall service him by doing so:

Q: Hey! I was wondering, what's happening with the show? Is Edward Norton making an appearance?

A: It hasn't been officially confirmed, but I'd bet it's more of a name drop than anything. Norton is far too busy with his career at the moment.

Q: With the lack of Billy Walsh this season, do you believe that Doug Ellin is trying to replace him with the writers and the eventual return of Dom?

A: Do I think they've replaced Walsh with the writers? Maybe. It's too early to tell. This week's episode is solely focused around selling their screenplay in a land where no one is on board with a Vincent Chase funded film. And with this new Edward Norton spin, it's bound to cause a creative clash (as seen in the preview).

With Dom returning, that's also bound to cause a clash within the circle (Turtle, Drama, Ari, Vince, Eric). If there was anything Walsh was good at, it was causing a rift between all four.

Q: One last question, wouldn't it be much easier for Vince to make up with Alan and make another Aquaman film?

A: Easier? Not by a mile. Alan had a contract with Vince. And Vince backed out of that contract. This is easily another example of being a star: owning up to your commitment. Yes, Vince did own up in the end, but Alan had been toyed with enough. Vince should have accepted the fact that he wasn't going to make Medellin.


Remember to send in your questions for next week!

Monday, September 22, 2008

It was only a matter of time...

It's been said over and over: everyone would be up for a sixth season. And from this "pre-announcement" by Nikki Finke over at Deadline Hollywood, HBO has already renewed the series for a sixth season. This season hasn't truly begun, but it's comforting to know how much faith HBO must have for a renewal.

Still, the announcement is preliminary. Knowing Finke's past, I trust it completely.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jeremy Piven Takes Home An Emmy!

Although it's a previously recorded show and this is already all over…

Jeremy Piven has shockingly beat Kevin Dillion for a second consecutive win. I'm shocked, too, because I believed Kevin would truly be awarded for his brilliant work on the show. I'm still happy for Piven, who does deserve an award for his equally brilliant portrayal of Ari.

I'll update further should the show win another award. And tomorrow, expect a full transcribed version of Piven's speech.

Let's take a moment...

...to marvel.

(The Emmy's - 2008).

5.03 - The All Out Fall Out - Review

What Happened This Week? Once again, Vince is feeling the current of not being a star. Eric is still in the midst of pawning off his screenplay, and in an awkward twist, Ari drag races Adam Davies.

The Funniest Line? "Candice, don't be a whore."

What made the episode?
Ari being infuriated over a nude picture of his wife. Then traveling over to Adam Davies' office and slapping him. "A bitchslap for a bitch."

Stonewalling Ari. He didn't have much to do tonight, which I suppose, is fine. Generally, however, Ari is up to much more (and should be, for that matter) rather than being involved with insulting another agent. Still, Piven expertly played his role tonight.

Next Week: We're finally delving into the real meat of this season. Amanda is outraged over a potential bidding war and Drama takes his personal issues onto the View. Could be the best episode thus far. Much the same here - funny, witty and well shot (especially the chase).

Greatest Cameo Ever? Can't say I was too elated over Fran Drescher or Kevin Pollack, but T.I. had a wonderful cameo. And even managed to address the stereotype of a rapper being cast as either a gangster or a criminal.

Greatest Moment? Drama suddenly feeling ill, and cataclysmically throwing up all over Candice's cake. It's a beautifully made cake. And now, it’s been serenaded.

Overall Opinion? Last week was much better for me, but this episode was still extremely funny, but Drama moping may have ruined a little bit of it. He obviously redeemed himself at the end. It's looking like the series is hitting its stride, which should prove for some serious business between everyone involved.

And the winner is...

What's better than a new episode of Entourage tonight? Entourage having been nominated fives times at the Emmy's. Which, if you haven't already heard, are on thirty minutes after the new episode. I'll be watching with anticipation of Entourage sweeping the ceremony.

To recap, here is what Entourage is nominated for:

Dan Attias for Outstanding Directing In A Comedy Series - “No Cannes Do”. (I'm a little nervous about this. Generally a well directed episode, but it's facing some stiff competition. It may be edged out tonight).

Steven Morantz, Dennis Kirk And Bill Jackson For Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy or Drama Series (half-hour) and animation (Adios-Amigo).

Kevin Dillion and Jeremy Piven for Outstanding Actor In A Comedy Series. (How can anyone choose? My money is on Dillion, but I have a feeling we'll see Piven walk off the stage with the award).

Entourage for Outstanding Comedy Series. (Up against 30 Rock, The Office... it'll be a miracle if Entourage takes the win).

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Set Visit: A New Hope.

Although I wasn't personally invited to the set (I'm free for the sixth season, HBO), Entertainment Tonight was. And surprisingly? Their visit is informative. We learn -- as we've already learned, but elaborated on this time -- that this season will specifically focus on cameos. Amanda has already made her mark on this season, likely to be snatching up Eric's screenplay. Who else will make an appearance? A question, even with episode two, that has yet to be answered.

In the video linked here, you'll learn about the rigorous work schedule each actor has. You'll learn about how seriously each actor takes their work. You'll learn that, in the end, Entourage is the best show to ever be created.

And I rest my case.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Million Dollar Offer!

What had to be the subtle surprise of the episode this week was Vincent actually reading a screenplay without falling asleep or taking a dip in the pool. Doug Ellin fires back at those that claim Vince shouldn't have started reading screenplays now, and that for the show to be realistic, he would have been doing it much sooner.

Not so, says Ellin. In this podcast (which is a minute long, no less), Ellin explains to the audience that he's heard, or rather seen, stars who'll accept a fifteen million dollar offer and then read the screenplay they've just become attached to.

By the way, this minute long audio clip is regularly added on the official site after a brand-new episode has aired.

Click here to check it out!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

5.02 - Unlike a Virgin - Review

Who's returning? Amanda as the vivacious and ultra-beautiful agent. Justine Chapman as the also beautiful, but not vivacious, pop star who still has a massive crush on Vince.

What happened tonight? Eric found himself a screenplay, which brought out his hunger to begin representing two new writers. They're a little "holier than thou" and a constant reminder of Walsh every time they speak, but they're still a worthy addition to the show.

Where's Walsh? Can't say. I think I may have to relieve myself of thinking we'll ever receive a solid answer on his whereabouts. Oh Walsh, how I miss your crass sense of humor.

Biggest revelation? Ari doesn't like Vince's acting. Now that, my friend, is a big blow. Ari has bled for Vince, only then to let him know that he doesn't like his acting? But as Ari said, the jury is still out on that (I think he's lying, but we shall see...).

How was Amanda? Dirty question, but as a mature and able adult, I shall slip past it. I'll watch Carla Gugino any day of the week. That should sum of up my final opinion on her appearance. Honestly? I hope they keep her around for a little while longer than a three-episode arc.

Did Turtle land him some fine herb? No. It was upsetting, but he did watch some adult-natured television.

Surprise that wasn't really a surprise? Drama and Jacqueline broke up. Serves her right. Sorry, but I don't buy the story about her friend. Yes, I know there's proof, but who said she wasn't out all night partying? I refuse to believe that Drama was wrong!

How about next week? Couldn't of looked better. Vinnie may run into some trouble scheduling an appearance for a birthday bash, and Drama is still sulking over his nasty break-up. Oh, did I also mention that Amanda is a fan of Eric's screenplay?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Season Premiere Not Holding Up...

Entourage didn't fare so well on Sunday.

Let me explain. It drew a crowd of 1.6 million, which is twenty-seven percent down from last season. America will never learn, will they? This doesn't mean much other than the show has to start moving, fast, to keep the core audience and start proving that it's worth the time to watch.

Next week should draw a better crowd -- it's the return of Justine Chapin, who was a reasonably well liked character, if only for Drama's anecdotes about her virginity.

Quickie: One Clip, Two Clip, Three Clip, Four...

Quickie: HBO has taken the liberty of adding a new clip or two (including an especially funny one including Ari and car, though calling it a car does seem like an understatement) to the official site. You can head over here to access them.

As I said, it was a quickie! Have fun.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Lloyd Rants!

I love this marketing.

At first, I believed they would stop with Drama’s Viking Quest peril. Alas not, because HBO now has us all on alert: Lloyd officially has a blog. And it’s not for Rex Lee himself - but Lloyd! We’ll finally out what Lloyd truly feels about Ari.

The first entry has been logged. It doesn’t look to be fairing so well for our pal:

“We've had fights before. Big fights about little things, little fights about big things, but something about this one is just so unsettling. I'll start at the beginning: Tom has this 'friend' Jenna. Perfect little Jenna with no job who can spend her leisurely heterosexual days with my man. Sure I should be understanding - Tom does need a companion when I'm stuck in Ari Gold's clutches for hours on end - but I want her to die. No, excuse me, I'm a little emotional..."

Click here to read all about Lloyd’s sleepless nights.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

5.01 -- Fantasy Island - Review

“Sending a message that Aqauman is back!”

And boy is he ever.

As we all know, Vince’s career is in the can after the fall out over Medellin. During the first few minutes of the opening for Fantasy Island, we learn that it’s a direct-to-DVD release. That doesn’t stop Eric -- now newly improved with an assistant and fresh client, the much talked about Bow Wow in a surprisingly less-than-moronic turn as Charlie -- from building his clientele.

I was literally shaking after the blackness came up, signaling the end of an episode I’ve waited a little less than a year for. The show has a new look, a new style, a new heart. Everything feels well written and well plotted, something lost last season.

We truly begin the episode at the ten-minute mark -- Carl Ertz, a producer who’s looking for a star for his latest film - Danger Beach - after Emile Hirsch dropped out, wants to take a meeting with Vince. Since Vince is on hiatus from his career, Eric, Ari and Drama must band together to save him.

Where is Drama in all of this? Rich, successful, famous. Some words that would now describe his brooding lifestyle as the popular star of Five Towns. Drama is still dating Jacqueline, his French girlfriend from the finale of season four. Their only problem? It’s a long distance relationship. A couple can only survive so long over a web cam.

Drama does run into some trouble on the set of his show. Apparently his right side is his -- *cough* -- bad side -- so everyone must shoot him from the left. This causes a disruption for the shoot and further develops into a catastrophe when Ben Silverman (the actual NBC head) has to trot down to the lot to remedy the situation. Fortunately for Drama, since Eric and Ari have hatched a plan to bring Vince back to California for his meeting, and he obviously has to go, he complies to shoot on his right side -- making Ben Silverman reconsider his life: “Waste of my fucking time!”

Piven is wonderful to see again, and naturally he does steal all of his scenes, but it’s truly Grenier who takes the limelight. Packed with a beard and beautiful women, Vince, along with his trusted comrade Turtle, live their life away… until Ari, Drama and Eric arrive to capture him and bring him back.

“Life isn’t all about making money and movies.”

Ari and Eric seem to disagree. They try their best to convince Vince, but he won’t have it. He’s obsessed with relaxing and waking up with a “big fat smile” on his face. Eric has to pull him aside and in usual Entourage style, it’s all resolved very quickly.

This episode was my favorite out of the entire series. I truly mean that. The writing, acting, directing were all terrific. And my God, the gorgeous shots of the forest and ocean.

All my praise doesn’t mean I didn’t dislike a little bit of the episode. Where is Walsh? If his film went straight-to-DVD, he’d surely have something to say of it. I’m anxiously awaiting the explanation. It’s the issue no one is talking about.

The episode was a little rushed, but since they’re working on a timeframe of thirty-minutes, how could they not rush it? And has everyone soon forgotten that they only have twelve episodes to tell their entire story this season? It’s familiar format for the show.

The twist in the episode was one I did not expect. Who could have? It was simple, but also a little heartbreaking.

In the end, Entourage has proven that it hasn’t gone downhill. That maybe, just maybe, it could be winner we’re all hoping for.

Next week will mark the return of Justine Chapin, the committed “virgin until marriage”. Something about the preview, which also led nicely into Eric finding a new duo of writers, tells me this could trump the premiere.

What are you waiting for? Discuss the heavily-awaited premiere on the new forum! Click here to sign up and start posting!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hercules Giggles Manically At Fantasy Island!

Hercules of AICN, whose opinion I hold dear to my heart, praises tonight’s premiere. I skimmed through the entire write-up, but I’ll make sure to actually read the entire article sure after I’ve actually seen the episode.

You can read his write-up (which is embroiled in a very funny and a very engaging Q&A style, humor which is not lost on his audience) here.

Thirty-One Isn't That Bad, Is It?

Although Entourage is my main attraction to HBO, I’ve still been a fan of the network for some time. It’s managed to take a risk with a show here or there, and failed too, but that’s the business of a network. But that doesn’t limit them from having revolutionary success: The Sopranos, an superbly acted, written and directed drama that can sometimes muster more emotion than most films I’ve seen.

Entourage and Sex and the City share the same qualities, but according to EW’s new list, that’s not necessarily so. Their list, compromised of television that revolutionized the game, ranks Entourage in the thirty-first spot and The Sopranos in the twenty-first spot.

I’m biased on Entourage -- but -- the show deserves a much better spot. True, at times, it doesn’t muster much emotion and can transform into an all out comedic feast, but when it does become dramatic and when it does hit a home run, it truly becomes a must-see.

You can read the list here.

Day of Reckoning.

Tomorrow is the day. It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for. Speculating about. Writing about. I’m in shock that the day will finally be here, and that at seven o’ clock I’ll be watching Vince try and rebuild his career after the downfall of Medellin. It felt like yesterday I was watching them walk the red carpet in the finale.

Can’t wait to be back in the graces of old friends.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Debi Mazar On The Return of Shauna!

Shauna had to be my favorite add-on character. She was called on when she was needed. Such as season two, she worked well within the confinement of the Mandy Moore storyline. Funny and sadistic as a publicist, especially after Drama took a club to the surfer’s car.

And then she disappeared from the show. What had happened? There was never a solid explanation other than Vince didn’t need her for any of his issues, but she’s back in full form this season. In this interview, Debi Mazar discusses a variety of interesting issues. Working with men, her character being cut out and in a surprising turn, originally thinking that her character and Drama would eventually end up together.

You can read the interview here. It’s worth your time.

Doug Ellin Talks About The Show!

The LA Times had a chance to visit the set of the show this season. While they can’t release any information (I’m assuming they witnessed a scene that takes place much later in the season), they did have a chance to sit down with Doug Ellin and understand his opinion of the show thus far.

It’s obvious that the show is a phenomenon, but the one question that continues to come up for any of the cast or crew is when, or how, the show will end. According to Ellin, he doesn’t foresee an immediate end for the show, but he does think it would be “nice to win the best series for a tenth season, after losing the previous nine.”

You can read the rest of the article here.

Adrian Grenier On The View -- Appearance

Adrian Grenier was on The View today. Let’s all scream for joy.

It was a very brief appearance and Entourage was hardly talked about. However, Adrian did talk about his documentary about his fame and the affect the paparazzi have on his life (notably absent is the paparazzi in Entourage, but it’s a thirty-minute show, so we’ll cut it slack). “It’s a very fun look at how they work, I even interviewed a couple of them.”

Entourage was mentioned and it’s the question every host, interviewer and fan has to ask: how long can you play this character? “As long as they keep asking me, I’ll keep doing it.”

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The forum!

When I originally created the site, it was only meant to be a hub of information. I had searched and searched for a blog that regularly updated with constant information on Entourage, but I never found one. The one or two that I did eventually find hadn't been updated since the previous year.

Suffice to say, I was a little angry and sad. That’s partly why I created the blog. To help those learn about the show -- through information and opinion. It’s been a success so far. With the mailbag, the site now nearing forty-thousand views, I’m happy.

Even still, I realized that I couldn’t read a truthful opinion through the measly comments section. I had to create a forum. It’s the same situation, really. I wouldn’t have made a forum had the internet, or Entourage community, not be in dire need of one. I’m tired of visiting IMDb and being trashed.

I created this forum. It’s what I saw an eventual outcome. A forum, a site, a fan base. The circle is almost complete.

The forum is still in the earliest stages of development. It’s still a forum, not a community.

Now why are you wasting your time reading this?

Head on over to the forum, sign up, become a member and start posting!

Click here to visit the forum.

Are You In A Tree, Looking Down For Redemption, Being A Jerk?

The amazing staff over at HBO have now officially added four more episode titles. Back in May, I revealed the first four titles, and then soon after, the episode title in which Dom makes his return (this is speculation my behalf, but it’s very likely considering the title). A huge thank you to Reader Joe for sending us this information after discovering it:

5) Tree Trippers (Could this be the episode in which Ari and Vince digest some nasty.. mushrooms?)
6) Redomption (Oh, Dom...)
7) Gotta Look up To Get Down (Speculation has it that this could be "the episode" for performances).
8) First Class Jerk (I'm betting Drama is all over this episode).

Why can't Sunday come sooner?

Reinstated Like 1995!

You may noticed, but the mailbag hasn’t been.. exactly... active.

After our last edition, it seemed I’d answered every question. The mail was bare. No one sent anything in. It's back. I'm reinstating it.

I loved doing the weekly mailbag every Friday, and with the premiere coming up, I feel it’s appropriate that it should be activated once more.

Start sending in your questions… and I shall answer them.

Entourage Premiere!

The massive premiere party was held last night, and although I'm sure it was a hectic time to be a reporter, Mark LaMonica (a fellow Entourage blogger) managed to snag an interview with Bow Wow and Jeremy Piven. Click here to check it out. Below the video player, there is also a review of the upcoming premiere.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rex Lee Interviewed!

If there was an award ceremony, I’d award Rex Lee the best interview award. He's precise and able to answer a question without completely straying off topic. Then again, I’m a sucker for an interview, or anything involving Entourage.

You can watch the interview here, where Rex tries his best to answer the recycled questions.

Kevin Conolly on Regis and Kelly!

This was my second time watching Regis and Kelly. Regis doesn’t scare me as much as he used to, and Kelly may appear nice, but there’s a wild side that has yet to be shown.

Today, Kevin Connolly found his way onto the show to talk about Entourage. His visit was much shorter than Piven, but Connolly still managed to smile and sell the show with ease.

It’s widely known that Entourage has been shooting in New York, with pictures floating about of the gang running to catch up with a taxi, attending a barbecue and Drama shamelessly promoting his show. Connolly spoke of his the rigorous work schedule involved with shooting in New York.

“Usually we’re done shooting by now, but since the strike happened, it threw all of us off balance and we literally finished shooting Thursday. It’s really crazy.”

The sheer cool factor that oozes from Entourage is evident with every minute of the show, but Connolly was surprised by the fan turnout. “Everyone from my hometown, literally hundreds, showed up to support the show and what we were doing. All my relatives, too.”

The premiere is tonight in the Big Apple. Connolly didn’t shy away from talking a specific “list” you have to be on to attend the premiere. “Even some of my relatives are left off!” Kevin laughingly said.

As we all know, Michael Phelps will have a small cameo on the show. Connolly touched upon the craziness that ensued when they approached Phelps to film a cameo. "He was shooting Good Morning America and we had to call someone so that he could come shoot the cameo quickly. He literally had secret service surrounding him. You'd think he was the President."

By this time, Connolly’s stint was coming to end, and he duplicated what Piven said yesterday of where we see the group at the start of the episode. “The film bombed, and it’s up to me to get Vince back to Hollywood.”

Since we’re so close to the premiere, I won’t describe the clip. You'll thank me later. Trust me.

Adrian Grenier On The View -- Friday, September 5th!

Adrian Grenier will be on The View on Friday, September 5th. Should be an exciting ten minutes.

As always, I'll have a full report on his appearance.

Review #2 - Entourage - The Fifth Season

Another review. Another day.

This time it’s from an unknown source. At least to me. Does that mean it’s fake? Absolutely not. I have the utmost confidence in this source after peering through over forty articles. It’s legitimate.

Fortunately, she happened to review the first two episodes of the fifth season. She (Jenny, Editor-In-Chief) is careful not to reveal too much -- but she does drop the hint that we’ll be seeing a plethora of celebrity cameos within the first two episodes.

She continues to praise the show as well, but mostly the performances from each lead. “Kevin Dillon is as always strong as comic relief as Drama.”

You can find the entire review here.

(*If the writer of the article does read this, realize that I am not questioning your credibility. With the internet‘s current state, anything other than Variety or the Hollywood Reporter is very hard to trust.)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Victory: The Game!

Viking Quest has long since been a running gag on the show. Arguably it’s bigger than Five Towns, but Drama himself doesn’t feel this way. In fact, Drama is now protesting the new video game of Viking Quest.

Oh, I didn’t mention that? HBO has released a brand new video game based off Viking Quest. It’s obviously not the best of games, but it’s still hilarious fun.

Drama is outraged that they would even release a video game. And apparently his feeling on the matter is they're mooching off his new found success. They didn't even tan his character correctly!

Click here to watch Drama claim his victory, and click here to play Viking Quest: The Game.

New Doug Ellin Interview!

A new interview with Doug Ellin has shown up online. Doug doesn’t manage to reveal too much that’s new, but he does comment on the problem with continuity. It’s never been an issue for me. Entourage isn’t Lost or The Shield. You don’t have to stick too closely to the material. If there’s a joke to be had and it’s at the expense of continuity -- do it.

You can find the interview here.

Regis and Kelly -- Jeremy Piven's Appearance!

I have to admit, I've never seen more than thirty minutes of Regis and Kelly. I'm immune to a show like it.

Today, however, was a much different day. I owed my audience a full fledged report on Jeremy Piven talking about the fifth season. Couldn't leave anyone hanging.

Piven is always fantastic to watch. He's charming, funny and smiling while he speaks. His work on Entourage is known everywhere -- the fast talking agent with a knack for the business. Piven is an extremely guarded person. He doesn't talk about his romantic life, and even on another television show, he isn't afraid to approach Regis, who originally asked Piven about it, with a follow-up question: "What kind of question is that?"

Talk soon switched over to Entourage. And surprisingly, whether or not Piven could ever become sick of playing his character. "I don't ever get sick of it. He's a mix of every agent you've ever met. I think I can play him for a while."

Delving further into the show, Piven explained that this season, he'll be meaner than ever to his assistant Lloyd. "There's actually an episode where Vince and I, we take shrooms, and I have to talk to Lloyd so he'll get me through the experience. It's really great. Rex is fantastic."

Before the clip was introduced, Piven explained where we'll pick everyone up this season: "Vince has taken some time off and flown the coop to a Mexican hide out, and it’s up to me to go get him and pull him from the abyss."

The clip then played.

Piven is once again the electrified agent as he charges toward his office.

"Give me something good, Lloyd!”

"First draft of letter to one Richard E. Roeper, reviewing him personally -- his clothes, his hair, his nasally mid-western twang", Lloyd shakily responds, until Ari snatches the paper and tears it up. He shouts for attention at his agency.

"Listen up! No one mention Richard Roeper again! Not today, not ever! By doing so, you are simply announcing that on Sunday nights, instead reading scripts, you are watching television! The next person to mention Richard Roeper will be fired!"

And with that, Jeremy Piven's presence on Regis and Kelly was over.

Kevin Connolly will be on Regis and Kelly tomorrow! Make sure to tune in tomorrow at 9AM! In case you won't be able to see his appearance, I'll have a report here, ready for you to read.

Jeremy Piven On Regis and Kelly -- Today!

He'll be Live with Regis and Kelly at 9 AM. I know this is very last minute, but I would have had this on the site last night, but an unforeseen internet black out prevented it from being published.

Much like the View, I'll have a report on everything said about the show, and hopefully a description of a clip if they choose to show one (which I may have to tune out for.. if only to continue my spoiler-free rule until the premiere).