Monday, June 30, 2008

Date Confirmed: September 7th For Season Five Premiere

I've finally managed to see the small commercial that HBO is airing, notifying the general audience that the new premiere date is, in fact, September 7th.

I was about to hit record, but for some odd reason, it literally makes my television blow up. Not good, my friends. Not good.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Entourage Mailbag - #4

This week was favorable to the blog, rounding out with plenty of reading material.

Reader Mark Asks: Do we know Turtle's real name?

Yes. Well, sort of. In the original written pilot, Turtle's name was given: Mike Quinn. However, it's unlikely they kept that name.

Reader Ryan Asks: Why are there only 12 episodes in each season? I know Entourage works best on a short season, 20-30mins per episode format but I think if we're going to get to see some juicy storylines then maybe they should extend the season! Whats your take on this?

I'll never be the one to say that I wouldn't like more Entourage, but I am happy that they kept the fourth season centered around Medellin. Instead of trotting off on another path, they roughed it, and ended up with one hell of a dynamic at the end of the season.

As for why there is only twelve episodes... well, that's really anyone's guess. This season, however, is because the strike almost cancelled the show. I would rather take twelve than no show at all.

Reader Nicholas Asks: I've got a couple questions for you. First, I was told that the Season 5 premiere date is going to be September 7th. Is this true or just another rumor circulating? Also, I've seen the pictures and now the video of Bow Wow making an appearance in the show. Has he officially been written in as a major role for the 5th season or maybe a 1/2 episode story comparable to Ana Faris. I'm not entirely sure if I would like to see Bow Wow in the show because I haven't seen too much talent in his prior performances. And now I would like to vent. Dom sucks. If he comes back he will just drag down any episode he touches. Bad character. None of the characters liked him. None of the fans liked him. Let the dead stay dead.

I still haven't found confirmation of the premiere date, but I'm hearing that it is true.

Bow Wow is a regular this season. It's unfortunate, because I've voiced my concern over the casting, but I do have faith in Doug Ellin to knock this out of the ball park.

And Dom -- I wouldn't worry too much about his character this season. That's me taking a guess, by the way.

Reader Bill Asks: First off, I love the blog, it's great, keep up the good work! In the Pilot Episode while the boys are "Night Swimming" the guys are in the pool with the girls and in the background you can see some other guy just standing there against a wall. Any idea who this is? I've listened to the commentary on this episode and nothing was mentioned, but it seems strange for the crew to just have someone standing in their shot.

Hi Bill -- thanks for the compliment.

You know, I've wondered the same exact thing. I'm assuming he's a body guard for the night -- considering Vince was back from a premiere and had brought back a dozen or so women. He probably wouldn't have been mentioned on the commentary, as he doesn't have any speaking lines nor any importance in the episode.

Reader Ash Asks: With Entourage having to compete with shows in the fall they usually wouldn't compete with in the summer, are the producers worried about the ratings dropping?

You said Turtle was getting storylines this season, but was there any explanation as to why they dropped the other storylines in seasons past? How did the producers decide on the cast? I know they had 2 tryout but was there any competition or doubts on the actors or actress.

Entourage is like LOST. If LOST premieres in April, the height of the working season, the audience will still find time to watch the show. Entourage, I think, is compelling in an odd way, and demands a rather large audience. Also, more often than not, after a terrible day at work, I find myself watching an episode of Entourage to cheer myself up.

Look, the writers sometimes test the water with storylines and Rufus' daughter seems to be a touchy subject. I can't seem to find an explanation for her exclusion from the fourth season, but I'm assuming Turtle forgot about her after he had to leave for Medellin's shoot.

Entourage was also a risky pilot. They're making a show about Hollywood. That was never really done before this show.

Don't forget to send in your questions for next week!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Reminder: Mailbag Questions

Today is the final day to send in your questions to the infamous mailbag. I'm excited about doing the mailbag this week. Simply put, we have some absolutely outstanding questions. If you haven't already, make sure to send yours in before midnight tonight!

And yes, I will be answering the premiere date question...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Kevin Connolly Interview

Is it me, or are Kevin Connolly and Doug Ellin the only people promoting the fifth season heavily? Are they the most well liked by the general audience? Nonetheless, another new interview (this time, MP3) has appeared online. It's a fantastic interview -- discussing Kevin Connolly's decision to enter in the lead actor category, a tad bit on the fifth season and then, of course, why E is always right.

What I still yearn for, however, is for someone to reassure us that Bow Wow's casting wasn't simply to appeal to a younger, urban crowd, and that it will improve the show. I haven't really made my thoughts exactly clear on the fourth season, but I really loved it. It was the season for the new age.

You can listen to the interview here. Connolly's a fast talker, so watch out.

Rock'n Rolla Trailer

Besides my love for any Guy Ritchie endeavor, my liking for Piven's timing and comedic genius encompasses it. Jeremy Piven makes a short and funny appearance in the new Guy Ritchie film: Rock'n'rolla. He also makes an appearance in the trailer linked below.

You can view the trailer here, but mind you, this is a merciless trailer full with vulgarity and subtle hints toward raunchier matters.

In other news, I'm on the hunt for an advertisement that HBO has supposedly started airing, claiming that the premiere date for the fifth season is now September 7th. If you know where I can find this online, please send a message to the blog's official e-mail.

One Clip From The View Appearance

I've already shared my disliking of the rather short View appearance Kevin Dillion, Jerry Ferrara and Debi Mazar made, but now ABC has a one-minute clip from the appearance. You can view said clip here.

In the short clip above, Kevin manages to spill a little detail: Johhny Drama is going through a bitter break up.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Eagle Eye Trailer

Briefly: Yahoo! has released an entirely new Eagle Eye trailer featuring Jerry Ferrara ("Turtle"). You can view the trailer here, but it's nice to see Jerry on the big screen, however small his role may be.

In case you'd like to more about the film, read below...

"Two strangers who become the pawns of a mysterious woman they have never met, but who seems to know their every move. Realizing they are being used to further her diabolical plot, they must work together to outwit the woman before she has them killed."

Monday, June 23, 2008

The View Episode Details

Yes, I sat through thirty minutes of mind numbingly boring conversation of Elizabeth Hasselbeck groan on about worthless issues. All for you.

When Kevin Dillon, Debi Mazar and Jerry Ferrara appeared on the show, it's almost as if it all becomes better. Nonetheless, the first few minutes were to kill time, get the audience used to the trio on stage. Then, talk about the fifth season began.

As I said before, Drama's television show - Five Towns - is now a success across America. He's now a star, and it's certainly in his head. According to Kevin, Drama will be making a trip to The View in one episode. Hilarity will ensue.

Now, another big reveal was that the season premiere will be September 7th instead of September 27th. I'm looking it into a confirmation, so check back.

Quick Reminder: Jerry Ferrara, Kevin Dillion and Debi Mazar on The View - Today

Popping in with a quick reminder for everyone...

...Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara and Debi Mazar (Shauna) will be making an appearance on The View today at ten o' clock in the morning. Since today is my wonderful day off, I'll be up to record and watch the show. Check back to this post after the show has aired, as I'll have the full details.

I mean, they have to talk about Entourage, right?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

And now for your daily interruption..

It's been a serious week here on the blog, reporting filming locations and what not. So now, I present to you Rainn Wilson as Macguyver, Xena, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and finally: Paulie Walnuts from The Sopranos. You may remember Rainn as a Harry Knowles-like reporter in the second season.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sweet Home, New York...

National Ledger -- the Entourage crew is set to head back to New York to film an episode! Are we finally seeing the neighborhood the boys grew up in? Possibily, but more importantly, Doug Ellin has once again stated that he has plans for a sixth, seventh and eighth season already.

Unfortunately, the actors aren't locked down, but as Kevin Connolly said about this matter:

"I'll tell you. I swear to God if you stick that paper in front of me, I will sign on the dotted line for 50 seasons! Anything to make it not go away. I think anybody that wouldn't would have to have their head examined. The worst thing about this show is that someday it will come to an end. It's going to be like the worst day of my life."

Now that's what I like to hear.

Entourage Mailbag - #3

And it's time for the third mailbag! This week was a phenomenal success, ringing in with five questions. That's a massive improvement over our previous installments, and I largely look forward to next week where we may host anywhere from seven to ten, or ten to fifteen.

Reader Ash Asks: Do you know if HBO ever proposed an hour long version of the show? Also, do you know what episodes will hold cast commentaries? And who is guest starring this season?

Doug has never mentioned a creative meeting taking place where such a thing was proposed, but trust me, I'm sure someone has brought that up more than once, and it's obviously been denied. As for the commentaries, that information hasn't been released, but I will definitely make sure to e-mail you back and get it up on the blog as soon as I find out.

And who may guest star this season? Tobey Maguire, Kim Kardashian, Bow Wow (reoccurring role), Paris Hilton (now I'm not sure about this, as one set report said she filmed a cameo and said she did not, and was simply visiting Adrian on the set).

Reader Brendan Asks: So my question is do you think the actors an Ellin would be up for a movie, especially this early? And is it really a good idea in general? What would it mean for the series if it went into production?

If there'll ever be an Entourage film, it would have to happen after the show had ended and the mainstream audience had taken a break from the show, ala Sex and the City, which debuted to fantastic box-office for HBO. Which, of course, is prompting all of this talk from Wahlberg. As for Ellin being up for a film? He's mentioned it here or there, but no, nothing confirmed or denied.

For me, I'd hate to see a film made out of the series. Having seen Sex and the City (the film) to form an opinion, they half assed it completely. And I don't even watch the show.

Reader Mark Asks: I've always wondered, how much do each of the stars make?

It's never been publicly stated, as a war would erupt between all of them (I don't care how you like someone, it will always be about money, especially when word is around that you aren't worth half as much as your co-star). My guess? Three-hundred thousand for Adrian, and two-hundred and fifty thousand for Connolly, Dillion and Ferrara. And Piven could be receiving anywhere from four-hundred thousand to half a million.

Reader John Asks: On the back of the season 2 case it says Ludacris was one of the guest appearances. I don't remember him being in the show at all what episode was it?

I actually went back and fast-forwarded through every episode, and surprisingly enough, I couldn't spot his cameo. I'll keep checking, and e-mail you back when I find him.

Reader John Asks: Is it just me or did Vince gain a lot of weight during the entourage hiatus?

I'll be honest. As much as I would love to see Adrian gain weight off screen for a story line on screen (it could happen), I don't see it. There's a few pictures, but only one has him with weight gain. I'm assuming it was taken on a bad day.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ari Emanuel - Certified Super Agent

Before passing out on my couch from a hard day at work, I flipped through a channel or two to occupy me until I could, well, pass out. Then.. as if a miracle from above.. Ari Emanuel, founder of Endeavor Agency and brother of Congressman Rahm Emanuel, was a guest on Charlie Rose. Did I also mention that most of what Jeremy Piven does as Ari Gold is based on Ari Emanuel?

I could barely keep my eyes open long enough to catch five minutes, but luckily enough for us, Charlie Rose has his nifty site that has the interview up within twenty-four hours. You can click here for the interview, but be forewarned, the video is not about his inspiration on the Entourage character or even about his agency Endeavor. It's an interesting video, nonetheless.

Have fun.

Fun Little Fact: Ari Emanuel once represented Jeremy Piven.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Crack may be Whack, but Entourage sure isn't

God.. who doesn't love the "I overheard a really big star talking to another big star and they are planning an appearance together"? That's exactly what this report is saying.

According to the report, Jeremy Piven and Whitney Houston were seated next to one another aboard a flight. Conveniently, within their flight time, the two became such amazing friends that after they had landed, Piven was supposedly overheard calling his agency to ensure Whitney as a cameo in the fifth season. Now the report doesn't say that he was calling to make sure she would be in the show, but what else would he call about? Her acting career that is in such high motion right now?

See, this wreaks of pure bullshit. But I'll let you, the reader, decide.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

More from Wahlberg...

Reader Brendan sent in this fantastic link which contains an interesting interview with Wahlberg. Fortunately enough, Wahlberg brought up a feature-length version of the thirty-minute show:

We're doing Season 5 right now. We're hoping for maybe three [or] four more seasons, and then maybe a film or two. Obviously the 'Sex and the City' success has opened up a window of opportunity there.

Sarah Jessica Parker led on the entire universe that a film version of Sex and the City would happen (it eventually did, after about a year of debating and hesitation at HBO), yet there had been one official meeting on the film. If something is happening, I'm not expecting an announcement for a very long time. For me, however amazing and fun Entourage is, I can't see it being a film. You didn't have to connect with any character in Sex and the City, because there isn't a deeper plot there other than the celebrities from the real world dressing up and prancing down an avenue in New York.

In Entourage, we have Billy, Medellin, Aquaman and pretty much every season previous. Sex and the City ended in the sixth season. Entourage isn't even close to ending. Should they choose to really make it to a ninth or tenth season, then they really do eliminate a serious chance at having a film. But see, I'm fine that. I'd watch Entourage forever.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Entourage Mailbag - #2

It was another stellar week for the mailbag. Okay, only two questions, but it's enough to survive. Enjoy this week's edition:

Q: Hey - is there any chance that we'll be seeing Dom return this season?

A: First of all, I want to thank you for sending a question in. Second of all, I’ve never been much of a Dom fanatic. He’s a bland, uninteresting character that has been explored a hundred times over in a million different roles. His entire arc in the second season was, to me, a hint toward how much Vince and E have changed since leaving New York for Hollywood.

You can clearly see how odd he was in the group, and for the writers to be bringing him back.. Well.. I’m not particularly fond of that. He may not be around for long, though. We’ll have to wait and see.

Q: Do the actors still have the passion and drive to continue for a sixth season? I mean, it doesn’t become tiring to shoot the same show for five to six years?

A: Yes. Kevin Connolly (Eric) has suggested that he’d be willing to shoot the sixth season anytime. He’s up for that. Everyone is. After a season of Entourage finishes, I’m sure the entire cast has horrible symptoms of wanting to be back on set because they love it so much. If this season is as large as HBO wants it to be, then yes, consider a sixth season definite.

As for the second question -- I’m sure. Every actor burns out. Especially on a reoccurring role on a television series. But again, the passion returns and they're back to shooting.

Make sure to send in your questions for next week!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mark Wahlberg Promotes Entourage

While promoting his newest film The Happening (which doesn't look good, unfortunately), Mark Wahlberg spoke to E! about his involvement in the fifth season of Entourage. "I'm involved, I did a cameo. I watched the first episode and, you know, these guys are so on top of it. Completely. It's outstanding. I mean, you have Jeremy Piven, Doug Ellin and so much more right with this show. Ultimately, I'm a fan. I'm still that guy who tunes in every Sunday."

Mark didn't have that much time to visit the set this season - which is due to his time filming Max Payne for Fox. Speaking of Fox, Tom Rothman, the universally hated studio mogul, will also make a cameo this season.

Has it come?

I could be completely wrong here, but early this morning, while making a rare visit to IMDb, I noticed a new addition to the Entourage gallery. I hadn't seen this before, and I've been racking my brain all day trying to remember a scene like this in any episode. As I said, I could be wrong and this could very well be from an episode. Am I right? Is this our first picture from the fifth season? Or am I simply being forgetful?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Is Entourage's Alan Horn a misinterpretation of the actual man?

While curiously reading The Man Who Heard Voices, Or, How M. Night Shyamalan Risked His Career on a Fairy tale, I came across a rather interesting section of the novel, which is fantastic, anyway. After the very well known split between Disney and M. Night over Lady In The Water, he took the film to Alan Horn -- President of Warner Bros. Pictures.

In the novel, Alan is described as a "relaxed, subdued kind of man" that believes solely in "fate" and kind hearted. Definitely not something you would expect from the President of the one of the biggest studios out there? And this would bring me to Entourage's portrayal of him. If Harvey Weingard can be a raving lunatic -- which is similar to Harvey in real life, as said by many -- why can't Alan become a relaxed and focused man?

Obviously the story for the second and third season had the move, and since Doug Ellin had himself in a rut, he made Alan out to be the complete villain. It's understandable, sure, but Alan Horn isn't at all like what they've been portraying him as.

I say: show a more human side to him. I'm sure the real Alan, who has more than likely heard of his character on the show, would love it.

Doug Ellin Talks

570 News had the chance to speak with our favorite person: Doug Ellin. The big question this season is whether or not we'll be seeing Vince's dream film, Medellin, sell to a studio with the intention of recutting the film. "It's the question of the entire season", said Ellin, who continued to talk about the famous group.

From this article, we basically learn a whole lot more about Ellin's approach. Turtle finding work? Ari being explored further than simply his undying devotion to his super client Vince and bitter approach to his independent work? All the while, Doug Ellin is thinking ahead. He firmly believes that we'll be seeing at least two more seasons of the show, and even though the creative process may take some time, he assures us that we'll be happy with the results.

You can read the entire article, including a comment or two about Paris Hilton not dating Adrian Grenier, at the link above.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Season 4 DVD Features

Rather than update a story that's almost off the page, I'll fill everyone in on the features the season four DVD will have. Unfortunately, no preview for the fifth season will be added, but by the time of the release, we're likely to have official episode descriptions and plenty of pictures to hold us over. Now -- what is in store for us?

  • All 12 episodes of Season 4
  • Making of Medellin - Behind-the-scene featurette
  • Medellin trailer
  • US Comedy Arts Festival Panel W/ Cast
  • Three audio commentaries w/ Doug Ellin, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillion, Jerry Ferrara, Adrian Grenier

Most of what they plan to add is obvious, but I'm liking the making of Medellin featurette. I can't wait to see how they handle that. Though, for the sake of a rebuttal, wasn't the episode "Welcome to the Jungle" practically that? Everything else is bit of a disappointment, especially considering there's no making-of for the fourth season, or even a bit of an explanation of why they let Medellin tank.

Praise the Lord!

For he is a kind, kind fellow. USA Today managed to somehow make Emmanuelle Chriqui spill the beans that she will return for at least one episode this season. However, I wouldn't become too excited, because I vaguely remember Emmanuelle saying she'd return for one episode last season. And she did, only this time it was hardly worth talking about.

According to Chriqui, she doesn't know what or more importantly, when, it will take place. It could be another cameo or it could be a last minute cliffhanger for a few more episodes that HBO may order. Time shall tell.

Entourage Mailbag - #1

The first official week of the mailbag! Only three questions, but that doesn't matter. Hopefully I've helped answer the questions. Without further reasoning:

How is the chemistry with the cast of the show?

You can’t make a show like Entourage and not have the cast become fast friends. I’m sure, behind the scenes, a few of them have had their differences, but the chemistry between the cast is solid. Each and every episode makes that clear.

How do things look for a 6th season?

HBO is eager to have Entourage back on the air after the loss of Sopranos, their “big show”. Entourage has always been a hit, and unless this season tanks, which, from what I’ve seen, doesn’t seem possible, consider a sixth season already in development.

How many episodes will be in season 5?

Only twelve, unfortunately. Doug Ellin, the creator of the show, has stated that he’s willing to do a few more should HBO want them. Expect a few story lines to be left open for those specific episodes.

Send in your questions for next week! Can't wait to hear them...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Reminder: Last Day For Mailbag

Just a friendly reminder for all of those that haven't sent in their questions to the Entourage mailbag. The mailbag will be online tomorrow, and so far, we've received a healthy amount of questions. Enough to make for a good read.

You can send your questions here.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Emmanuelle And The Orgy... Not Really.

Welcome to June... four days ago.

Okay, I'm a bit late on posting anything, but that's not my fault. Okay... it is. I fault laziness. Nonetheless, Emmanuelle Chriqui, the woman who brought Sloan to life for two seasons and one episode, was interviewed about Entourage. Surprisingly, an article that was supposed to be about promoting her new film, it really morphed into her opinion on Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Jerry Ferrara and Kevin Dillion.

You can find this interview here. It's a nice, short read. Anyone with a few minutes can breeze through it.